September 8, 2020


Our houses are our center of peace, solace, and comfort. No matter how attractive, unique, or cozy your workplace is, you cannot get the same satisfaction there. We have sentimental values attached to our houses, as they are part of our memories and important moments of joy and sorrow. Similarly, they also have significance from financial perspectives as it is one of the most significant expenses for anyone.

Therefore, people desire to design their house in beautiful and exciting ways. In this regard, people aspire to develop their homes in ways that represent their lifestyle, taste, and interests. It also portrays such attributes to our guests and visitors. Hence, house exteriors are one of the most crucial elements in this regard. Undoubtedly, it is true that the first impression is the last. House exteriors are the first impression that sets the tone, mood, and expectations of the visitors and ours.

House exteriors can be designed, renovated, repaired, and transformed in many ways. There can be many themes to get inspiration from; for example, the greenery theme will inspire you to add a lot of plantation, fixing the trees, adds complementing lights, etc. You can even opt for the exterior to be more suburban and lively or showcasing modern sophistication.

Let us check out some of the creative ways to achieve beautiful and exciting house exterior looks.

  1. Go Green:

Nothing can beat the organic, raw, and earthy look. It’s timeless, natural, and healthy, and never goes out of fashion. There are several methods to achieve the look. You can start by fixing and trimming the unwanted trees. You can search online for "Tree Removal Baton Rouge” to find professionals available in your locality.

Similarly, you can add fresh greenery and flowers in the vital visual points like doorways, windows, and entryways. If you don’t want plants coming in the way, you can add the hanging ones. Adding some plants and fixing the trees and bushes can provide a lot of pleasant colors and look to the exterior.

In addition to the plantation, the outdoor lawn constitutes a crucial part of the exterior look. It can make or break a curb appeal. By regularly mowing the grass, pulling weeds, watering to prevent brown spots, and raking off leaves can elevate your lush green lawn's look. If you live in a primarily dry place, and it isn't easy to maintain grass, you can consider lawn alternatives like artificial turf or shrub beds.

  1. Light:

No one would like a dark and dull entryway. Similarly, the anticipation of going inside to explore the remainder of the house would go down too. Lights are the real game. They can amplify or hide the real beauty. Firstly, try to get as much as possible of natural light in your house. Natural light brings the objects' true colors, especially in the urban cities, where people are mostly in the dim office culture and iffy white lights, windy sunlight is the real deal.

Similarly, artificial lights need to be in line with the overall theme of the look. Use lights with minimum holders and attachments to get maximum spread. Light colors should range around warm yellow and dim white for the lawn and entryway to complement the attributes discussed. A decent hanging lantern in the doorway can be a good start.

  1. Earthy Materials:

Another aspect of getting an impressive house exterior look is to use earthy materials like red bricks, limestone, rocks, wood, etc. You can design your doorway with a red brick wall, and add details like creating your house number plate with stones, etc. The idea is to achieve an old house novelty look but in a modern way. These go well with green elements of the plants, lawn, and trees we discussed above.


Interior and exterior designing have no limitations on creativity and ideas. The Internet is full of suggestions, inspirations, and thoughts by experts. However, it is crucial to consider the budget, available space, and expected look to start up the designing and renovation. Lastly, it is also essential to focus on the house's exterior, as it attracts more buyers' interests and can help in getting better reselling value for the property.

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