Expert Removalists Share Tips On Moving During The Pandemic

September 25, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things in life. 

From the way we dress to the way we communicate, the change this virus has brought to our lives is endless. 

Everything seems to come to a halt suddenly, as we need to follow stringent rules. 

In Australia, the number of infections is coming down, and with it comes the possibility of easing certain curbs across the country. 

Due to external and unavoidable reasons, people may need to move to their new places during the pandemic. 

Although it is not an ideal situation, driving and removals experts have come forward to share tips for moving in COVID-19 times.

  • Discuss coronavirus protocols with your removalist

 The first thing expert removalists, Move My Stuff, suggest is talking to the moving company about the following coronavirus protocols. 

Ideally, they should be maintaining standard social distancing rules set by the government. 

They further add to inquire about the removalist about its staff's state of health and their COVID-19 test results. 

Doing so ensures that your home is safe from the virus and minimizes the risk of contaminating your family and your new home.

  • Do your packing

Book a Mover also suggests doing most of the packing, as it minimizes the risk of contamination. 

When you pack your things yourself, you can be sure that at least those boxes are not contaminated. It will also reduce your packing and moving costs

However, it is recommended by Book a Mover  not to borrow the boxes from the neighbors because you are risking your family and yourself. Instead, be self-reliant.

  • Leave the extras in an unused corner. 

Australian removalist, Virgin Removals, suggests getting rid of the extra and unwanted items in your house to avoid clutter at your new place. 

These are lesser things you will need to sanitize and worry about contamination later. However, they say otherwise. 

The moving company recommends packing the extras separately and leaving them in an unused corner in your new place. 

You can later donate them when things have settled post coronavirus.

  • Embrace the digital world 

With the possibility of spreading the virus via cash, most payments are likely to go digital. 

As such, Book a Mover suggests ensuring a seamless internet connection for quick and easy digital compensation. 

However, not just payment, but everything is made online during these times, including in-person surveys. 

Instead of having a representative come over for an in-house survey, Move My Stuff recommends giving a virtual study of all the items you need to ship. 

Doing so gives you the benefit of in-house research while minimizing your contact with outsiders. 

  • Hiring a rental and sanitizing it 

To ensure maximum control over the moving process, Crazy Rise suggests hiring a rental truck yourself, instead of asking the removalists to do it for you. 

This way, you can ensure the vehicle carrying your goods is clean and germ-free while getting one that fits your needs. 

Before loading the rental truck items, They recommend thoroughly sanitizing it, including the steering wheel, handles, seat belts, etc. 

It is an extra step towards ensuring the virus doesn't enter your new abode.

  • Eliminate maximum contact

When packing your things, Crazy Rise recommends following an organized approach that makes it easier to move things. 

According to them, you can use labels to achieve this order, especially when having separate packages of unwanted items. 

They further suggest using tags to leave instructions for the movers with a follow up on a call later. 

It eliminates as much contact as possible between you and the moving staff. 

Moreover, the renowned removalist also recommends using necessary protective accessories like masks and PPE to prevent any potential disease spread.

  • Sanitize after the move

Removal experts ask families who are moving houses to have a sanitizer with them during the move. 

This sanitizer and other essential things like clothes and toiletries can be carried in a critical bag, as suggested. 

It can allow you a moment to breathe in your new home. 

However, before settling in, they recommend sanitizing the entirety of the new place. 

Moreover, Move My Stuff suggests that you sanitize all your furniture and other items after the move to eliminate any virus risk.

  • Final word

Even without the coronavirus scare, moving house can be an uncomfortable process for many. 

However, during these times, the risk is more, and so are the precautions needed. 

The seven tips above are some of the things you need to do apart from following social distancing protocols for a safe moving during the pandemic.

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