September 30, 2020

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The year 2020 can be a great start for students graduating with an engineering degree. Starting a career in the sector of engineering will help many people get back on track. The engineering sector is expected to experience growth in the future, which will soon strengthen the economy. If you happen to be passionate about engineering, then do not give up.

However, people need to be aware of the different fields of engineering. Remember that not every job type will earn you the same benefits as other jobs have additional perks. Fortunately, the engineering sector will be expanding, with the creation of new jobs.

Several skills are required while working in the engineering field—for instance, mathematical skills, construction skills, technical skills, and much more. Besides the skills, some principles apply, too, like the scientific ones with some methodologies to abide. A proficient engineer is not only skilled but stay honest with the principles of engineering also.

Now, you must be curious to know about which engineering fields can help in boosting your career. Well, you will soon find the answer you are looking for.

Here are some highly-paid engineering fields with a great future. If you want to have a competitive career, it would be best to consider any of them.

1- Electrical Engineering

Many engineers have recently graduated from online engineering programs. One of them is the electrical engineering program with an average starting pay of $57,330, which increases with experience. Getting into this field can be a wise decision for newly graduated engineers.

As an electrical engineer, your job will be to design, supervise, and test the manufactured electrical equipment. So why is this job a lucrative one? The main reason is this job sparks creativity among engineers. At times, you will have to design electronic goods for consumer and commercial use.

2- Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers are qualified to develop, design, and analyze satellites, aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and other air products. They learn to research about different space products and determine whether they are safe to develop and launch or not. By graduating with a free in aerospace, you can quickly expect an initial payment of $60,000 and more. Despite the cutbacks in space research, aerospace engineers are still in demand. Their job is valued by the junior as well as senior staff. This engineering field has a slow growth rate of up to 2%, requiring crop cream. Nonetheless, the aerospace engineers will be receiving a mid-career salary of $116,500. If that is not worth the struggle, then what is?

3- Computer Engineering

How can we forget to mention computer engineering while discussing highly paid engineering jobs? Well, this field is becoming very popular with every passing second. Computer engineering is an exciting field to invest in. There are many perks of getting associated with it, like eating around $117,220 as a certified computer hardware engineer.

Nowadays, the computer engineering field is not that dense, but there is a prediction of high growth in the future. When more and more people start graduating in this field, the demand will rise significantly. Some typical jobs in the computer engineering field will be:

  • Computer and Information Research Scientists, having a median pay of $122,840.
  • Computer Network Architects earn a median salary of $112,690.
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers, having a median salary of $146,360.

4- Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers earn approximately $94,000 while starting. They work in the department of research and manufacturing. Besides working in chemical firms, chemical engineers are highly demanded in other fields as well. For example, they manufacture electronics, paper, medicine, clothing, food, etc.

What is even more exciting is that a chemical engineer’s flexibility. If a chemical engineer sticks with this profession, they can advance in the company management and technical sales department. By crossing mid-career, a chemical career can earn up to $109,000 (average).

5- Engineering Managers

Like any other field, engineering needs managers to supervise different electrical, civil, mechanical, and industrial engineers. Their job is to coordinate with these teams and manage the designing, development, and financing of hardware, equipment, and devices. Why is this a profitable field? Engineering managers earn around $91,180 to $141,730 yearly. What they do is something only qualified and professional engineers can do. Hence, they get paid accordingly, with expected growth in the future.

6- Biomedical Engineers

With the advancement of the medical sector, the need for biomedical engineers has increased considerably. Biomedical engineers earn around $81,540 to $126,990 every year. Their job is to enhance the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of medical products and systems. From designing and analyzing medicine to resolving various issues with biology, they cover everything. They excel at creating devices, artificial organs, and machines to replace body parts and diagnose health problems.


All of the engineering fields discussed above prove that engineering has a rewarding future ahead. So do not skip out on any of these fields and make the most out of it. Soon after establishing your base in these fields, you will be proud of your decision. Please do the needed and start experiencing the best.


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