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How to Clean Stained Concrete Floors: Your Simple Guide

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Do stains on the floor pique the inner designer in you? Are you knit-picky when it comes to colors and eyesore images when it comes to flooring? Then you share the same sentiments of home builders and contractors when renovating the floors’ look.

Flooring specialists develop stained concrete floors for excellent construction. Floor critics will always find something to knit-pick from your sturdy floors. So, one of the features it’s known for is covering up the stain. Thus named concrete staining.

A simple guide for a simply stunning floor

The right skills and right techniques make the surfaces last with seamless, unmatched quality. So below are points and tips for you to sustain the elegant stains on your flooring systems.

1. The Materials Needed

Maintaining an elegantly finished floor is easy. It only needs simple materials accessible at home. There is no need for technical tools and machines.

After reading this, you can immediately get to your home’s cleaning closet. Then, have those materials at your hands right away.

You will only need a dry mop and soap or detergent-water solution. Your stained floor only needs a small amount of liquid cleaner to wipe it. Especially if your floor area is massive. You need a quick process of cleaning. This benefits those who own expansive commercial spaces.

Also, as meticulous homeowners, floors are impressive structures at home. It is not only a dull, drab, concrete underneath. So for you, maintaining elegance is a duty. In return, stained floors help make this task easy.

You don’t have to buy expensive materials. As a consolation, you can also create your own mop from used clothes. Pick simple cloths. Do not just use any old tattered grandma sweater. Some are too soiled to help you with cleaning. Residues of thread could leave unwanted sight on the floor.

2. Damp Cleaner

Back in the days, people love to wax their floors; it gives the surface a lustrous effect. Simultaneously, the wax adds adhesion to the surface that makes it safer with a non-slip system. That is how concrete staining works nowadays.

So, when cleaning, a mop and a gentle soap-water solution suffice. Today there are cleaning agents available in the market. These products do not need you to mix soap and water.

Get a PH-neutral cleaning solution to clean your stained concrete floors. This cleaning product has mild chemical solutions. Be careful to check your cleaning agents. Even though stained floors are coated with protective layers, using acidic solutions can cause damage. It does not only disturb other materials but also its user.

The high-resistant surface of a stained concrete floor easily scrubs off thick stains. Even mud from the outdoors peels off. You will not have to splash water over it. Do not waste water resources.

Your stained floor only needs a small amount of liquid cleaner to wipe it. Especially if your floor area is massive. You need a quick process of cleaning.

3. Make Sure there’s no Moist

Most cleaning problems of using a mop and detergent solution is water droplets from the threads. That makes it hard to scrub away the residue of water. Sometimes, removing bubbles from the detergent eats time. This way, people feel cleaning is an expert’s job.

Make your cleaning life easier by creating a simple “you-can-actually-do-it-yourself-system.” Just get the right amount of water, don’t make it excessive.

Here is a tip, when cleaning using simple water, have two sets of the mop. One for wet cleaning and the other one for dry, finial wipes on the floor.

You don’t have to buy an expensive mop. You can use alternatives like old cloths for drying the surface, like the one we mentioned above at tip #1.

4. Filming for a Stand-out Form

Most concrete improvement resources you will read everywhere will boast of stained concrete’s lasting form. The elegance that lasts still needs the right upkeep. A process called “filming” seals concrete floors to make their colors last. This is mostly applied to water-based stained flooring.

Floors finished with staining will fade. This is most true with a water-based stain. But, it will take years before it happens. So, filming is recommended depending only on how worn or faded the floors are. Good thing, concrete finished with stain indeed takes years before it needs filming.

An alternative can be a less costly treatment, like wax. Waxing is a traditional cleaning among concrete floors. It is the most practical and conventional way of polishing and sustaining its stunning appeal.

Final Touches

When staining is applied, it creates a superior system that enhances the form and strengthens the functions. Stained floors are damaged resistant. But to preserve its distinct aesthetic, final touches of regular care is a must.

The staining technique masterfully bonds the classic style with modern architecture designs. So having this flooring type adds a valuable accent to your spaces.

Savor a blissful home, and property improved with the advance floor systems. Having stained floors makes you friends with stains. It looks beautiful, and it’s easy to maintain.


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