How To Prepare For The Real Estate Sale Of Your Coolum Beach Home

September 22, 2020

Though you decide it is time to move on from your current home, it’s difficult to actually let go. For some, it might be the first property you owned where you may have lived for potentially years making many memories.

It is challenging to emotionally detach from something so significant and sentimental, but without the addition of your things and the family living there, it is merely an empty structure. There will be another one, possibly better, in an area of Coolum Beach that appeals to you on a different level where you can make new memories. Click for details on handling a sale with your family in times of a pandemic where you have grown especially close.

Preparing For The Sale Of Your Coolum Beach Home

Moving can prove difficult for most people, especially those who dislike change. In preparing for the transition, a priority is to attempt to disassociate yourself from the current house. When you realize the personality of the home depends on the materials you incorporate, it will become clear to you that the memories will be coming with you and only a shell will remain.

It’s important to always hold gratitude for each milestone experienced, but you need to look to the future with hope and positivity. Getting the house ready for the new occupants will help you to become excited for what is waiting for you in your new location in Coolum Beach.

There are several steps to take to make sure the space is appealing for those who come through. They should be able to imagine themselves living in the home. Follow these tips for selling your home at .

** Make sure to depersonalize the space.

A potential sale can be hindered with personal items sitting around the house. You are to have no private family photographs, valuables like heirlooms, clutter that takes away from a homebuyer’s own vision. Packed these away for your move.

The home needs to appear as a clean slate, ready for the buyers' own aesthetic and personal belongings to be incorporated. You want future occupants to be able to see themselves living in the home as they walk through each room.

The depersonalization might require renting a storage unit, particularly if you have an excessive amount of furniture. The idea is to be minimal so as not to make an impression with your own pieces. If their style is more traditional and you have a contemporary appeal, this can distract from their ability to see the place in a positive light.

** Declutter while packing each room.

Accumulation of a massive collection of things during the span of a few years can be extraordinary with excuses for keeping items ranging from hopes for reusing, repairing broken objects at some point, or being emotionally attached. But, sadly, most of these things sit untouched with minimal chance of ever being used.

While packing, the idea is to declutter as you go from room to room with boxes labeled for “donation,” “discard,” “giveaway,” “move.” Anything that has not moved from its spot in months that is in relatively good condition needs to go in the box to be donated.

Items that are in disrepair can be fixed if possible, for donation unless they are beyond that point, and then they can be discarded. Friends and family should come for the stuff that you place in the giveaway box that have sentimental value like photographs, mementos, or personal items.  Things you use regularly need to be packed for transitioning to the new home.

** Organize and Clean Out

All the closets and cabinets will be cleaned out and organized. Potential homebuyers have a strong desire for plenty of storage areas with most checking these areas to make sure there’s sufficient space. If they see clutter or jam-packed shelves with things falling over, it speaks to them that there’s not adequate room.

Another thing organization says about a homeowner is that they take care of the home. If you keep things in order, it speaks volumes to potential occupants that you probably performed the necessary maintenance and upkeep of the house.

** Remove what you are taking.

If you plan to take specific pieces from the home, make sure to remove these items before realtors begin to show the home. Experts like those with Rouse Realty highlight what the best structural features are within a home. But potential homebuyers often target certain cosmetic details that they want included in the terms, like perhaps a chandelier.

Anything that is not going to be included with the property should be taken down and either packed away or put in storage so there are no awkward exchanges with the buyers resulting in a possible lost sale.

** Minor repairs should be taken care of.

Often in a “normal” market, repairs can make a difference with a sale. It doesn’t mean you need to do major renovations or remodeling, but if you have holes to patch in the walls or tiles cracked in the flooring, these are things you need to take care of before anyone walks through.

Though it may seem merely cosmetic, painting (in a neutral color) makes the place look clean and cared for as does making sure doors and windows function optimally as well as cabinets and drawers. There are to be no leaking faucets or burned out lights. Everything must appear to be well maintained.

Ideally, you will invest in a professional service to clean the house from top to bottom including washing the windows. This is something that you will need to keep up with throughout the selling process as people come for showings.

The most important aspect will be the exterior. Curb appeal is always a priority. It is your home’s first impression. A homebuyer who arrives will determine whether they want to come inside when they pull into the driveway. If they do not like what they see, most will leave.

Final Thought

Letting go of your home is tough but watching people walk through and pass judgment can be incredibly difficult. Most realtors prefer that sellers leave their home when potential buyers walk through. It is better for all parties involved. Then the realtor can tactfully express the buyers’ opinions.

Once the house is sold, you can take your memories and begin a new story in Coolum Beach.


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