Mattress comparison: hard or soft mattress? Which one is better for you

September 16, 2020

Changing the mattress is not easy. When we embark on the adventure of buying a mattress online, doubts begin. A memory foam or pocket spring mattress is better, what fabrics should I wear if I am a warm person, the way I sleep affects or the big question: hard or soft mattress.

And, if we stop to think, we spend almost a third of the day in bed, so knowing how to choose a mattress becomes a priority, not only for the quality of our sleep but also for our health.

The mattress should not sag with our weight, but neither should it be kept unaltered. Ideally, it adapts to our body providing support and support to the back.

Before we start to get into the matter, we have to confess that there is no written rule that determines what type of mattress is better, whether a hard or soft mattress. However, it is important to start your search by choosing a mattress that doesn't contain fiberglass, which can be harmful.

Years ago it was thought that hard mattresses were better to take care of our back and avoid pain, but today it has been shown that the choice of a hard or soft mattress depends exclusively on each person and their needs. This does not mean that the decision of a hard or soft mattress should be limited to simple personal preferences, since the wrong mattress can cause us a bad body alignment, which in the long run will translate into muscle discomfort.

We have already commented on more than one occasion that hardness is not equal to firmness. The hardness is provided by the padding, while the firmness is provided by the core. Thus, there may be firm mattresses or futon mattress sizes that in turn are cozy thanks to the padding that covers them.

It is also important that we are clear that today there is no hard or soft mattress in its entirety. What does this mean? That there are different degrees of firmness where we can choose and that, depending on the composition of the core and the density of the materials used, be it foam, latex or springs, we will obtain different uptakes, but never an extra soft mattress or one that looks like a table.

But let's get to the important thing. What type of mattress suits me? A hard or soft mattress? We explain the advantages of each of them so that you make the decision yourself.

Advantages of a hard mattress or, rather, a high firmness mattress

Yes, as you read it. We are talking about a high firm mattress and not a hard mattress. It could be said that the less cushioning a mattress has, the more support and consequently the easier it is to have a natural position of the spine while you sleep.

We will never reach a point of "too much support". However, we can fall short.

If we add to this that the human body is not able to rest on a mattress that is too soft because it will be constantly seeking to balance the different parts of the body and therefore it will be moving all the time without resting well, we conclude that that perhaps a high firm mattress is the best choice.

And not only that. Insufficient support can cause parts of the body to sink into the mattress, causing poor posture. Without the proper support that allows you to sleep soundly, we are losing the benefits that come from sleeping. Which are? You should know that during the night, the body carries out hundreds of processes to regenerate and rejuvenate the cells of the body. This is when growth hormone kicks in and insulin levels drop.

Advantages of a soft mattress

The biggest advantage of soft mattresses is that they adapt to the body while you sleep, favoring a larger surface of the body supported during rest, minimizing pressure points and avoiding circulation problems.

They are usually the most suitable for people who spend a lot of time in bed and for those who have ailments caused by a herniated disc or diseases such as fibromyalgia. They are also ideal to articulate either to perform some activities in a more comfortable way or on the recommendation of the doctor.

However, they are not at all recommended for babies, young people of growth, people who are overweight and people who are very hot.

Thus, we could say that the best mattress is the one that has the appropriate level of firmness. The one that can give support to all the key parts of the body, helping to adopt a position comfortable enough to rest, but also firm enough to avoid having to constantly change position. Perhaps the question should not be what is better a hard or soft mattress, but what type of mattress suits you best according to your characteristics and needs.



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