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Shipping Container Homes: Why Are They Popular Today?

Years back, no one would’ve predicted that shipping containers would soon become the next big thing in the construction and design industry. It was then only used for its main function: to store and haul heavy items during travel. However, as technology and design continue to evolve, designers and engineers’ ingenuity brought forth a new way to use shipping containers; which is to turn them into homes and buildings.

When you first look at a plain and blank shipping container, it’s easy to think of it as bland and boring. But, with the right design tricks, it’s a fast and easy way to build a home.

There are many reasons why these homes have risen in popularity today, and some of these are:

1. It’s Eco-Friendly

The rise in the popularity of shipping container homes has a lot to do with today’s rise in the environmental movement. So many more individuals are becoming attuned with their need to live an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. This begins with the choices you make at home.

If you don’t have a house yet and still plan to build one, shipping container homes are great for you to consider for the very reason you’re recycling. Usually, contractors that offer to build houses out of shipping container transport usually use those old stocks that are no longer used in the shipping industry. This isn’t because they’re no longer durable, but shipping companies usually come up with new ones regularly. Rather than put to waste and destroy these shipping containers, why not repurpose them into a home.

2. It’s Affordable

Shipping container homes aren’t always cheaper than all kinds of houses. But, in many instances, it can turn out to be more affordable than the traditional manner of building homes. When done the right way, you can use to your advantage the powers of shipping containers to create cheaper homes that are just as durable as the traditional ones are.

For instance, with shipping container homes, you’ll generally use fewer resources. Right there and then, you’ve already got four walls of a room. Because it’s also faster, this means you’ll be spending less in terms of labor expenses. These can all lower the costs of constructing your home in total.

3. It’s Strong

Remember the fundamental function of shipping containers, which is to transport and move heavy items. So, you can rely on its strength and durability. Shipping containers are built to withstand wear and tear on long sea travels. This includes exposure to extreme weather conditions and even extreme loads.

You’re sure to have a roof above your head for so many years to come, just like traditional homes.

4. It’s Easy To Build

There’s no doubt that shipping container homes are more accessible to build than traditional homes are. The moment you purchase the shipping container and position them in your lot, you’ve already got your home’s foundation. You’ve just bypassed the intricacies of mixing cement and building from scratch the house’s foundation.

With this ease, you’ve got a lot of leeway to play around with your interior design. Take a look at inspiration on the Internet or even on the television, and you’ll find that it’s effortless to come up with a cozy and livable home through shipping containers within days.

5. It’s Unique

While there are now so many shipping container homes, this doesn’t mean that it’s lost its advantage of uniqueness. Yes, these containers are intentionally made to look exactly as all other shipping containers are. But, when you work with the right contractor, it’s easy to develop different unique designs for your shipping container home. Plus, how often can one say that they live inside a shipping container?

There are endless possibilities for how these shipping containers can be utilized, combined, stacked, and modified.

6. It Offers A Lot Of Flexibility

By nature, shipping containers are made to be moved around. This presents it with so many possibilities as to its flexibility.

For instance, if you’d rather choose to have your shipping container built and finished in the factory, this is possible. When it’s done, it can be hauled to your location right away. If you’ve got some construction skills and you’d like to DIY, this is possible too.

More importantly, this flexibility advantage of shipping containers can apply to families who are always moving. Instead of always having to pack up all your belongings when you move from one location to another, why not move the entire house instead?


For the reasons stated above, you should now have a better understanding of why shipping containers are becoming very popular. These repurposed containers don’t only serve as a great way to build homes fast, but they’re also eco-friendly. Particularly when you’re very conscious about contributing well to the environmental cause, having shipping containers is good for you. Now that you understand the rise in popularity, perhaps you, too, should consider becoming the owner of your very own shipping container home.



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