What Are the Benefits of Employing Garden-Based Learning in Education?

September 18, 2020

One would agree that children are typically engaged in activities that give them a hands-on experience. They help them to connect to various concepts of learning. The connection is mainly for individuals who enjoy exciting hobbies such as gardening. Such experiences are in our everyday surroundings. When people take time to observe, many educational opportunities are up for discovery. Activities such as garden-based learning can be significantly used to turn daily tasks into lessons.

Primarily, you can help students to gain a sense of responsibility in taking care of home gardens and school gardens. Older students can also benefit from the science behind garden-based learning and the innovations behind it all. One can implement garden-based knowledge by:

  • Assigning various tasks to each individual
  • Recording the outdoor performance of each individual for progress tracking and motivational purposes.
  • Personalizing garden tools to enhance use across different age groups
  • Allowing children to tend to their plants once you equip them with essential gardening skills.
  • Allowing students to make their own choices while in the field
  • Helping them to be productive outdoors and in their academics as a whole.

In essence, the benefits of students engaging in home gardening promote emotional growth and collaborative teamwork among young scholars. Similarly, they develop a sense of self -esteem and begin to appreciate the roles that other people play in their daily lives. No matter the approach used to promote garden-based learning, the outcomes of the activity have impacted several students in various ways. That said, below is a detailed discussion of the above and more benefits of implementing gardening in education:

Make Healthy Choices

Getting students to carry out various activities in the natural environment is one of the best ways of enhancing learning. Perhaps, many would prefer the approach rather than sitting in a classroom to attend lessons all day. Engaging them in outdoor activities would more likely enable scholars to appreciate the goodness of nature. Similarly, outdoor experiences to tend to gardens would impart significant skills that would be used in future life. Ideally, individuals would enjoy the fruits and vegetables that they harvest from their garden, hence making healthier choices.

The Aspect of Confidence

One would agree that a sense of confidence comes when individuals learn to do something new. Well, students also develop a sense of pride because of the same. After their teachers guide them on how to take care of a garden, they become more confident to do it on their own. Moreover, they also have fun in coaxing soil to yield beautiful plants, with an understanding that their hands were behind the new development.

Confidence is also boosted when individuals pay attention to garden surroundings. In a world that has been greatly influenced by technology, their awareness and gratification of what the environment holds can be confusing, especially at a young age. When they begin to notice and feel the use of small details, they develop confidence as they grow to discover their place within.

Students Become More Responsible

Every task demands responsibility, regardless of the magnitude. In this case, garden-based learning requires teachers to assign various filed jobs to students. They become obliged to ensuring that things go as instructed. For example, some scholars may be required to plant crops, while others are tasked with watering and harvesting them upon maturity. These tasks are essential to the garden and education at large.

Gardening in Education Develops Significant Skills

Four Ways Students Learn from School Gardens

Nature has everything to do with science, biology, chemistry, and many other subjects that an essay writer specializes in. Students grasp concepts these subjects, particularly when their essence cannot be visualized in a classroom. Similarly, math teaches students how to budget for the materials that go into a garden and the excellent practices of maintaining it.

The Bottom Line

Garden-based learning may be challenging to implement, especially if the concept is all new to you. You might wonder if the best approach to use to get learners involved fully. However, many ideas can be used to sparkle a gardening experience for students. Plus, the time that teachers and parents spend with their students in the garden can be used to enhance better understanding. Similarly, it builds a stronger relationship to enable scholars, particularly younger ones, to have confidence in adults. From a young age, children begin to establish that work is essential and that they shouldn't complain when they are instructed to handle a particular task. The individuals also understand that being part of outdoor activities such as tending a garden is essential for the greater good.



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