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11 Pet Friendly Plants for Indoors

You love your plants as much as your pets. But, you don’t have to forgo the green decor for the sake of your furry babies. All you need to make sure that the plants indoors do not poison the felines and dogs at home. Therefore, we bring to you a list of indoor plants that are healthy for your pets and home environment.

  1. Ponytail Palm: This green plant is an air-purifier. They prefer lower light, so they are ideal for your rooms that do not receive much sunlight. Also, they would make the space look more pretty and green.
  2. Calathea Prayer Plant: Take a look at the striped leaves of the Calathea plant and you would want to make it a part of your home. Bonus, the pets at your home will love this green beauty. As the plant loves humidity, you can design your bathroom with greenery as well.
  3. Boston Fern: The whiskers at home too deserve to breathe in clean air, so get boston fern because it’s a NASA recommended air-purifying plant. It loves humidity, so keep the soil damp always.
  4. Haworthia: Haworthia is a plant from the succulent family with striking leaves. The leaves of the plant have white, pearly warts or bands. The easy-to-care requirement and pet-friendly nature makes them the best to have around.
  5. Succulents: Life would absolutely succ without succulents, so consider making them a part of your home. Because succulents are animal favourite also, it is a must have for any plant and pet lover. Certain succulent plants that are ideal are Echeveria, hathowaria.
  6. Parlour Palm: Parlour plants are the best to have in home because they are air-purifying and adaptable. Place them in a spot that receives early morning or late afternoon sunlight. Parlour plant will bring indoors tropical vibe.
  7. Rose Plant: Having a rose plant or rose bush of red, white, pink, yellow roses is a sure way to turn your living space into a beautiful scenery. But the thorns and leaves of the roses can be poisonous to the dogs and cats. If you want roses indoors, keep them away from it. That’s it.
  8. Spider Plant: Another air-purifying plant with easy to care requirements. It’s a tough plant, which makes it excellent for a newbie. The green- white leaves of the plant are visually appealing to the senses.
  9. African Violet: If you want a colourful addition to your home, bring african violet. Locate the pot of African violet flowers in any location that receives indirect sunlight, and it will bloom beautifully for you.
  10. Bird’s Nest Fern: The wavy and twisted Bird’s nest fern thrives on low-light conditions and varying humidity requirements, making it a great addition for your bathrooms. Your morning routine just got prettier.
  11. Areca Palm: Highlight the corners of your home by placing a pot of Areca palm and feel the interiors as a part of tropics.

You no longer have to choose between your plants and pets. Decorate your home with pet friendly beautiful plants.


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