4 Best Uses Of Domestic Wastes

October 5, 2020

Container of domestic food waste, ready to be collected by the recycling truck

Domestic or household wastes are rubbish or trash, consisting of combustible materials. These items may include (but are not limited to) cardboard, paper, and wood. Sending these objects to the local incinerator will only contribute to your carbon footprint. Instead, aim to repurpose domestic rubbish to become other items.

Here are the best four ways you can make use of your domestic wastes.

1. Recycling Plants

Do you look at your rubbish and think, 'how to repurpose these things?' If you're having trouble thinking about creative ways to use domestic waste, you can send your trash to a recycling plant. As a bonus, many companies now offer to take the job of removing rubbish from your house for you. You can click here to visit one of those firms today.

Moving forward, sending your rubbish to a recycling plant allows you to help the environment while saving valuable time and effort in the process. The professional rubbish removers may help you with the heavy lifting involved in removing and recycling domestic trash from your home.

You can also make these experts' jobs easier than before by doing your part for the community. For example, aim to separate and organize your rubbish before the trash removers arrive at your property. Also, consider buying eco-friendly waste removal bags as using conventional plastic bags may defeat the purpose of trying to save the environment.

2. Eco-bricks

Many people don’t know about eco-bricks, and perhaps because these things don't look like conventional bricks. Instead, eco-bricks come from unrecyclable plastics, which you can use to build different structures.

Some example of applications for eco-bricks are:

  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Tables
  • Fencing
  • Garden planters

Note that the average decomposition rate of plastics might be 100 years. Some plastics might even take more than a century to decompose naturally. Add that piece of information with the seemingly unstoppable production of new plastics for different markets, and the world is going to suffer from the extra trash. Instead, you can use these materials and repurpose them into something else. But, keep in mind that you have to do it properly.

For instance, get one (or ten) empty bottles of mineral water. Fill these plastic bottles with non-biodegradable wastes, such as plastic bags or Styrofoam. Also, ensure that the inside and outside areas of the bottle are clean. Next, aim to use hard and soft plastic materials to avoid air gaps. Otherwise, the existence of air gaps may reduce the durability of your eco-brick. Also, ensure to fill these plastic containers to the brim to make them as sturdy as possible.

Hand holding recycle symbol on green bokeh background. eco and save the earth concept.

Once you have your collection of eco-bricks, you can use them in relatively any way you desire, especially if one of your wishes is to help Mother Nature.

3. Glass

Aside from plastics, another domestic waste that you can repurpose is glass. In other words, consider not throwing your used glass jars and bottles in the trash bin. If the container can still hold something in it, you can find a use for it. For example, empty jam jars can become small plant holders. Old wine bottles can turn into your new water pitcher.

But, is it possible to repurpose glass shards? The answer to that question is ‘Yes.’ However, you should treat these shards carefully. Otherwise, you might risk cutting yourself. Once you gather these glass shards, you can have professional rubbish removers take these items to the local recycling plant. From here, the factory might turn those tiny glass pieces into other objects.

A collection of small glass pieces might turn into new bottles and jars. Furthermore, if you’re feeling creative, you can even make a recycled glasshouse out of these repurposed materials.

4. Artworks

Burning paint will only make the hole in the ozone layer larger than before. Hence, if you see old paint cans in your home, and there’s still a bit of paint left in them, don’t throw these substances in the trash or sink. Instead, reduce waste by using your creative mind. Create artworks with these leftover paints. Perhaps all you need to do is give the paint a little stir, and it might return to its usable state. Then, you can use the colors to paint your furniture, walls, or small accessories.


Do Mother Nature a great favor by repurposing your domestic wastes instead of sending them to the local incinerator or landfill. Turn plastic bottles into eco-bricks, repurpose glass jars, or reuse old paints to help save the planet. Also, if you think recycling is challenging to do on your own, you can let professional rubbish removers do the work for you.

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