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4 Places You’ve Seen Digital Signage Used in Everyday Life

Digital signage has a number of advantages over printed signage. It can be updated in real-time without having to print new posters and can be managed remotely, which means nobody has to physically go to the digital signage to change the display. It can also be more dynamic, with added animations and effects to draw the eye, which ultimately means more people will see it. This animation potential could mean that the display can be interactive, and if coupled with a touchscreen, can provide instant access to information to those using it. The applications for these information displays are endless. Let’s have a look at five places you’ve likely come across digital signage on a daily basis.

Fast Food Menu Boards

Gone are the days of menus stuck to the counter or static menu boards overhead with small pieces of paper over the old pricing with updated pricing handwritten onto it. Digital signage can be as much of a sales tactic as any salesperson or wait staff in a fastfood restaurant. You can add photos of your meals and offerings with pricing that can be changes with a few strokes on a keyboard. Your menus can be dynamic and exciting, scrolling through specials or promotions that you can change daily. Because digital signage is lit up from the screen it’s on, the colours can be brighter and draw attention.

Mall Maps

Replacing the old printed mall map on a poster, we are increasingly finding digital displays taking over the job of the mall map. It can be interactive and when a mall visitor touches on a shop name, it can show them the path they need to take to get to the shop. These forms of information display might even show scrolling adverts when it’s not in use, doubling its use as both a mall map and a digital advertising board.

Advertising Boards

Just like on the mall map board, custom signs leveraging digital displays can be a great way to advertise products because of their dynamic nature where eye-catching video or animation means you’re more likely to attract the attention of a passer-by, even if just passively. You’ll spot these advertising boards in bus stops, storefront displays, and many other areas. Mvix provides affordable signage solutions, which can be implemented in any business. It’s a turnkey solution you can manage in-house.

Mass Transit Information Boards

Being familiar with or decoding a mass transit schedule can be a difficult thing. Consider a train station where this involves platform numbers, train numbers and times, and it can quickly get confusing. In the event of a strike or change of service, electronic displays can quickly reflect changes in service. Electronic signs posting the schedules of arriving and departing trains can leverage a digital signage system in the same way that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in airport departure lounges.

Digital signs have become a more affordable option as the cost of associated technology like LCD screens drops in cost. The benefits of making use of a digital signage solution instead of a printed poster or sign mean agility in your advertising space, as well more than one advert being able to occupy the same space by taking advantage of scrolling and changing adverts.


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