5 Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Using Smart Air Conditioner

October 27, 2020

Throughout the years, modern technology has completely changed our lives with the development of many amazing tools and multifunctional devices. From the ways we are able to communicate with our family and friends to the way we pay our bills and live in our homes, there are countless smart technologies that let us do things faster, better and easier.

In fact, many homeowners no longer need to worry about whether they left the lights on in the living room or if they locked the front door on their way out. Recent advances in technology allow people to control these smart home appliances through their smartphone or other connected devices, providing them with many benefits.

One smart home appliance that has become very popular in recent years is the eco-friendly air conditioning unit. This smart AC control system is an excellent investment due to the many benefits it has as opposed to the regular air conditioning unit. So, if you are thinking of replacing your old AC and entering the world of smart technology, here are five eco-friendly reasons why you should opt for a smart air conditioner.

1. Reduces harmful emissions

Climate change is a very serious issue that has been around for a very long time. According to statistics, about 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air every year. This number doesn’t seem to be slowing down which is why it is crucial that we all play our part in reducing this unsafe emission.

One way of doing so is by opting for the smart air conditioning unit. The biggest advantage of smart ACs is that they actually help reduce the carbon footprint. For example, when you adjust the thermostat on a smart AC unit above 72 F, you can save up to 120 pounds of carbon emissions.

Also, the geothermal heat pump system helps with the reduction of any emissions by recirculating the cool air from underground and not generating any of its own. So, by reducing the energy we utilize, we are protecting our environment from any harmful emissions that are put into the air.

2. Reduces energy bills

Installing a smart air conditioning unit in your home can also reduce your energy bills. First, this smart device reduces that power which is needed to operate the pumping system. Secondly, it reduces the power which is required to cool the air and conserves it at the same time to be used later. In addition to these eco-friendly benefits, you can lower the costs by not overcooling your living space. For example, you can set your desired temperature and the smart AC will slow down immediately when the required temperature is achieved. This simply means that your air conditioner will not waste too much energy to work at full capacity at all times.

Also, with the smart AC, you will be able to track your overall energy use and even set any limits if necessary to keep a track of your bills. Lastly, you will save more money on any repairs because the smart AC system is more likely to endure the wear-and-tear.

Just like smart air conditioners take help from automation to bring down electricity costs, so too can great solar air conditioners. Many leading companies working on air conditioning in Thailand are now offering simple and affordable solutions to install solar air conditioners. This can help in shifting to a cleaner and more affordable alternative for millions of home owners in the world. The technology is very promising and is slowly becoming mainstream.

3. Total climate control

Not only does the smart air conditioning unit protect the environment and reduce your energy bills, it also provides you with the comfort you need. This refers to the complete control you have over the temperature in your living space.

Smart AC systems include programmable thermostats which allow you to set the temperature however and whenever you like even if you are not at home. You can actually do this by using your smartphone and adjusting the cooling settings to a moderate level while you are away and readjusting it before you return home.

Just imagine coming home to a pre-cooled house on a hot summer day or waking up in a pre-warmed bedroom on a chilly one. Also, there is a SmartSleep mode in your smart AC which adapts to your sleep pattern and provides you with the comfort of sleeping through the night peacefully.

4. Auto-restarting options for maintenance

Another benefit of having a smart AC unit is the opportunity to have an auto-restart function. This means that you can restore the settings of the unit by pressing a button on your smartphone or using the air conditioning remote controller. This feature especially comes in handy when there is a possibility of frequent power shortage such as when the electricity goes out during a thunderstorm. It simply increases the comfort levels at home and protects you against any power surges.

In addition, another benefit of having a smart unit is that the application through which you will be controlling the air conditioner will keep track of your usage and send you notifications when cleanup is required. The usage usually depends on the consumption, so when the time comes, there will be a reminder to help you keep your unit in the best condition.

5. Quieter operation and longer lifespan

Sitting and working in a room with a loud air conditioner can be very irritating. Even central air cooling systems can sometimes be so loud, especially at night, and can disturb you and your family from getting your sleep.

So, unlike the regular conditioning unit, eco-friendly smart AC units actually make less noise even when they are working at full capacity. The reason for this is the lack of moving parts on the geothermal heat pump system which are actually present in the traditional air conditioner.

Therefore, by having a smart AC unit you won’t need to worry about loud noises or even relocating to a part of the house where you won’t be able to hear the unit working. In addition to all of this, the deficiency of the moving parts contributes to a longer lifespan of the eco-friendly air conditioner. In fact, it is estimated that they could last even up to 30 years.

Final thoughts

By having a smart air conditioning unit in your home you will be able to physically and effectively adjust the settings on your AC unit regardless of your location. At the same time, you will be saving a great amount of energy without harming the environment with harmful emissions. This will additionally cut down on your energy bills and provide you with the comfort of sleeping through the night without worries. So, don’t wait any longer and go grab your smart AC unit so you can enjoy all of these advantages that it offers.

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