5 Top Cleaning Tips on How London Businesses Can Prevent Staff Illnesses

October 2, 2020

Maintaining a clean workspace is more important than ever. COVID-19 has reminded London business owners and staff how crucial proper cleaning and sanitising is to prevent the spread of not just coronavirus, but any nasty germs and bacteria that can lead to staff, visitors and customers becoming unwell.

The best way to prevent any spread is by investing in commercial cleaning London services by GCC FM. The professionals know not just the best cleaning methods, but also use top-quality products and recognise those often forgotten areas that can pose a risk to health if not properly addressed.

However, not every London business has the means to use commercial cleaning services, or may want to know some extra hints and tips to continue cleanliness in between those professional cleans. We bring you our top 5 tips for how London businesses can utilise cleaning to prevent office illness this winter.

1.Daily Disinfection

What was once seen as an excessive task should not be considered the norm. Disinfecting surfaces daily doesn’t have to take a long time but the benefits are huge.

Use antibacterial wipes for a quick and convenient way of wiping down surfaces. Personal desks and their items are crucial for this to be effective, including keyboards, telephones and even pen pots.

Kitchen areas should always be kept clean to prevent any bacteria passed between foodstuffs, however, microwaves, fridge handles and coffee machine buttons are some of the most commonly touched items in an office, so don’t forget about these.

Door handles, light switches, access keypads and lift buttons are also frequently overlooked culprits for bacteria, wiping them down as often as possible.

2.PPE and Hand Washing

PPE doesn’t have to involve hazmat suits and latex gloves, but every little bit helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Staff should be encouraged to wear face coverings as much as possible. Understandably, not everyone will want to do so, especially if they can already remain socially distant at their desks.

Asking everyone to put one on when moving around the office, such as grabbing a cup of coffee or using the toilet can make a difference.

Hand washing should be at the forefront of everybody’s mind but it isn’t always an option when working a busy day with little time between tasks. Setting up ‘handwashing stations’ in areas around the office can serve as a helpful reminder. Signage promoting the ‘proper’ way to wash hands, including methods and time can also help.

Always ensure adequate supplies to good quality soap is available and opt for disposable hand towels as opposed to washable, reusable ones.

3.Empty Bins Daily

The bins might not be overflowing at the end of each day, but they should still be changed. Used tissues, disposable coffee cups or anything else that has come into contact with faces needs to leave the building as quickly as possible.

Spray bins with disinfectant between bag changes and wash hands between each receptacle to prevent any risk of spreading anything.

4.Tend To The Air Con

Air conditioning is a wonderful modern invention and can make the working day more pleasurable, especially during the summer months. However, these systems, ducts, filters and vents are often neglected.

Dust collects quickly and leads to germs being recirculated throughout the office. Even if someone carrying the virus is not on the same floor as others, air conditioners could spread bacteria through the entire workforce.

Clean these as often as possible, when in doubt, ask the professionals to come in and do so.

5.Keep Everything Well Stocked

It certainly is a team effort, everyone pitching in and doing their bit to prevent the spread. However, if the right tools aren’t readily available to staff members, they will be reluctant to waste their precious time seeking out the resources to do so.

Make sure cleaning equipment is clearly signposted and stocked-up throughout the working week. Hand sanitisers should be placed at all entry points and in busy rooms and corridors.

Antibacterial wipes should be placed in obvious areas, such as kitchens and staff rooms, to encourage usage.

Regular emails to remind staff where items are located and who to contact should something need to be replenished can go a long way.

It is up to every individual to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in London, however, if London businesses do everything they can to encourage their own staff, this positive mindset can quickly spread throughout the city and influence others, helping to control the virus and get London back to normal as quickly as possible.

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