A Fresher's Guide to Finding Rooms for Rent in New York City

October 20, 2020

New York City is a massive whirlpool of opportunities. It is the city of extremes. The city has more billionaires than any other city globally, but over 60k people sleep on the streets every night. Hundreds of people move to NYC every day as it is a vital hub for many industries like media, real estate, tech, and finance.

If you are someone from a smaller place, living here might seem overwhelming yet exciting.

Well, who can blame you? We all have grown up watching FRIENDS and having those big Manhattan dreams of living in NYC and having an apartment and roommates as they did.

No matter how you slice it, finding rooms for rent in NYC can be an expensive affair. Also, the cost of housing & transportation can be the biggest enemy of your finance.

Finding rooms for rent in New York City is not difficult but finding the place of your dreams certainly is! A place that is easier on the pockets and does not compromise on the NYC vibe.

Find a rental room in New York City- the city of dreams! Image Source: Canva

Is this your first time in New York City? Here’s a guide for a fresher like you to find rooms for rent in New York City in the most convenient ways possible:

  • Avoid living alone as it can be a financial turmoil: Everyone dreams of having a cozy private room for rent in an NYC apartment of their own when they move to the city. Well, that dream can cost you a fortune, unless you are someone who is earning in 5 figures a month.

In New York City, the high cost of living forces many people who enjoy their alone time to find a roommate. An affordable one-bedroom or an available studio apartment is almost impossible to find, especially within a limited budget. Even if you have some throwaway income, your choice is still between taking in a roommate or giving up on living in the heart of NYC. Thus, room sharing in NYC is a convenient option, especially with a trusted roommate finder in NYC.

Rent a room in NYC with a roommate you can trust! Image Source: canva.com

  • Choose your neighborhood first: NYC has five boroughs - Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Queens is known to be an affordable region for exploring rooms for rent in New York City. Staten Island, situated on the southern harbor, is the right place for someone who wants to live close to the port, and Manhattan is the heart of New York City.

It is better to explore the city in the initial days, explore the neighborhoods, and then decide which area might be a better choice to rent a room in New York City. The best way to determine would be to make a top 5 list of neighborhoods you are interested in and then explore them on foot.

Know the neighborhoods and finalize your preferable locales to explore relevant options while looking up rooms for rent in NYC.

Image Source: canva.com

  • Roommate finders in NYC are the big time saviors: Roommate & rental finders are your saviors in the city. The moment you set your first step into NYC, you will realize that it is a massive city with millions of people. People who do not bother or get bothered. You may be entirely on your own, and finding rooms for rent in New York City may indeed seem like a significant burden on the shoulders. What might seem even more difficult is finding the perfect roommate to live with, in this city.

Here’s when rental finders and roommate finders will jump to your rescue. All you would need to do is a few taps, register yourself on these platforms and start hunting rentals and roommates from the comfort of the new cafe that you just found on your way.

Find a room for rent in NYC now! Image Source: Canva

  • A rental option in the morning may be history by the evening: You would not believe this, but it’s true! NYC is a fast-paced city that does not wait for anyone, and the same story follows for the real estate rental market. You might have seen a rental in the morning, and by evening you might see the rental sign being thrown away since someone is moving in there.

There has always been a crowd for room rentals in NYC. You should be quick to dive into the pool of offers and grab the best one. Always carry all the required documents whenever you visit an open house to close the deal as fast as possible. However, it is also essential that you do not make a hasty decision and see if the rental is the right choice for you first.

  • Be stocked up for the first few months: It is better to come to the city with a few months of living expenses. New York City is a pricey place. You might end up spending a little too much in the initial months. These expenses might include accessories, amenities, and the other essentials that are inevitable for you to settle in your new room rental in NYC.

Until you find the perfect space of your dreams, you will end up living in hotels, eating at restos, which might be a costly affair. You do not want it to be in a financial disaster in the initial days of your time in NYC. So, do your financial planning in advance and strategically!

A view of NYC at night. Image Source: Canva

Everyone has dreams of living in New York City, but not everyone ends up finding the picture-perfect place of their dreams here. Why? Because they make hasty decisions and end up in distress. So, be quick yet smart while you are looking up rooms for rent in New York City. The options are countless here, so carpe diem with the perfect rental room in NYC!

Hope you find the space of your dreams. Happy Hunting!

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