Belfast Letting Agents - Tips on Finding the Perfect Short Let

October 17, 2020


When it comes to rental units for short let in Belfast, people usually think about vacation rentals. For those few days or weeks, you can decide to let a house or apartment and feel right at home there. Here are some tips on finding affordable accommodation for your holiday.

Except for this situation, you could use a short time letting in some other cases. For example, you need an accommodation because you went to Belfast for work (for only a few weeks or months). Or the dates of your eviction don't match the date of moving into a new house. That can cause a lot of hassle, especially if you haven’t moved all your belongings.

Think Ahead

Suppose you know the date of a business trip, or there will be a gap between your moving out and moving in. In that case, it's desirable to think about temporary housing in advance, especially if you want it to be in an attractive or busy location. There is a good chance that you will probably have to make a reservation.

Booking a short-term rental unit in advance can be an opportunity to find great deals. It is possible to get discounts if you use web platforms that deal with merging landlords and renters. That can save you some money. But if you don’t have a tight budget, you can hire YPG Letting Agents Belfast, who will find temporary housing you want.

Know What You Need

The temporary housing market is quite diversified in terms of types of available units. These can be houses that are traditionally furnished, fancy condos with the possibility of using all amenities found in the building (spa, pool, and gym), rooms in hostels, and so on. It is up to you to know what you need and how much you are willing to compromise.

For example, if you can't find accommodation within the desired area, and you only need it for 3 or 4 weeks, consider another location. It will make your search much easier. Look for places where you can handle a few inconveniences, as long as they are close to your workplace or college, and while your stay there doesn't interfere with your daily activities.

Store Your Stuff


In the gap between moving out and moving in, carrying all things with you can be quite tiring. If you choose furnished accommodation, entering your belongings is unnecessary, especially for a short time. Carry some personal stuff, and you can put everything else somewhere from where you will most easily transfer them to your new home.

So think about the place where you will place your belongings before the day of moving out comes. You can rent a warehouse or container. For them, you'll pay the rent on a weekly or monthly basis. It's desirable that you can easily access the warehouse with a vehicle, or that the portable container is somewhere where it can be easily loaded on a moving van or truck.

On the links below, see what you should know before renting a storage unit:

Make Everything Clear

In case you are looking for rental units in Belfast online, you should know that it can look different when you see it live. Whenever possible, personally check the quality and equipment of the rental unit before any payment and signing of the contract.

Find out precisely what is included in the price you pay, as well as what the additional fees are. Inform about house rules (when your guests can come, whether the accommodation is pet-friendly, whether smoking is allowed, etc.).

Note that most landlords require a deposit. The amount will depend on many conditions, such as length of stay, location, and amenities available to renters. Be sure to inform yourself about the terms for the return of the deposit. For example, you must settle all bills, repair any damage, or clean the apartment and return it to its original condition.

No matter how long you plan to let your temporary home in Belfast, you should find accommodation that suits your needs and budget. The short let option is significantly cheaper than the hotel. But staying in temporary accommodation can also give you all the comfort and freedom.

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