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Common Flat Roof Issues of Homeowners in Gateshead

If you live in a residential house in Gateshead that has a flat roof, then it is essential to know that more work is required for its maintenance. Many homeowners install them because they are affordable, and they are great for larger homes. The maintenance costs are cheaper compared to other types of materials as well. If you are still in the building stage of your house, it is essential to know more before you decide to install a flat roof.

Many homeowners find that the hard part is knowing when to repair or replace their shingles. Some may want to know if they can fix some things with a few minor repairs, and this is why it is important to get in touch with a Gateshead roofer to help them make an informed decision before they dismantle the slates or shingles. Others wanted to know if they can replace the asphalt with another material because they faced many problems with these kinds of roofs.

Common Problems with Flat Roofs

1. Alligatoring Phenomenon

One of the telltale signs that the shingles need replacement is the alligatoring phenomenon. This is a type of problem when the asphalt material used to build the roof has lost its feature of elasticity. As a homeowner, look for bubbles and cracks that are similar to that of alligator skin.

Alligatoring is a problem common to older houses, and this is a deterioration that has passed the point of no return. In this case, you may want to contact a roofer in Gateshead with experience in these kinds of things and have him install a new one with better quality.

2. Leaks

Leaks are one of the frequent problems that many residential homeowners face. You can know more about leak repairs when you click here. Aside from the leaks coming from the ceiling, the lingering moisture can be ideal for mold and bacteria to grow. There are also issues with electrical appliances that can get damaged if the leak drops directly on the wires.

Just like any other varieties, a flat roof also develops a leak. However, since the surface is flat and there’s a minimal slope, there’s no other way for the rainwater to go and it will just pool and damage the surface. The resulting moisture on the underlayment and rafters may also lead to the growth of fungi and mold. The best way to prevent leaks and moisture is to have regular maintenance and inspections every six months or more.

3. Buckled Asphalt

Asphalt membranes is the seal used in many residential homes for extra protection against rain and ultraviolet radiation. As time passes, this membrane may shift with the gradual movements of the house. This happens when the building is also moving with the foundation. As a result, the membrane may begin to buckle.

To fix a buckled asphalt, you can schedule a maintenance from your local roofing repair company in Gateshead. The membranes may be different from the flat roof, but when they continuously shift, it’s hazardous to live in your home as the entire roof may collapse. This usually happens when the property is ancient, there are leaks, and some of the membranes are becoming visible. It might be a good idea to replace the entire roof as soon as possible.

4. Pooled Water

Since the surface is flat, when it snows or rains, the precipitation has nowhere to go. As the home settles on the foundation over time, the roof itself will make some shifts, and it will not have a level area as it had once when it’s installed. The water will pool in the dips and divots, and you should take action about this immediately. You can know more about divots here:

Even if most manufacturers may design materials that can hold rainwater, it is still important that you look for ways to drain the pool as soon as you see it. If you allow the pooled water to linger and hope that it will evaporate, then there’s a good chance that it will damage the material’s exteriors and shorten the lifespan of the roof.

These are just some of the problems that you need to watch out for when you have a flat roof. You can replace the entire material with another one with a slope or do repairs with the help of roofers in your area. You can contact a roofing company and see what your options are.



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