Creating a Low Maintenance Garden For Your Home

October 29, 2020

Gardens, they are our personal slice of green haven in a busy world which is why we need to prioritise garden care. Somewhere we can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends and family and have a run around with your pets. But they can also be a time-thief, you can spend days, weeks and even months struggling to get your lawn looking green without brown patches and areas that just refuse to grow, only to have to do it all over again in the next spring. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a slave to your garden. There are plenty of ways to keep your little slice of paradise looking lush, green and colourful without having to sacrifice your every weekend to the cause.

Swap Real Grass for Artificial Lawn

Artificial grass can be a fantastic investment when you want to gain back some free time and will even save you some money in maintenance costs. No more seeding, watering and constant mowing. Artificial grass is an install and leave it style of garden and you’ll only need to give it a semi-regular brush to return bounce to the fibres after a play session and remove any loose leaf-litter and debris. You can do everything you’d normally do with an artificial grass garden, including placing furniture on top and styling it with decorative edging. It is safe for use with pets and children and recent designs make it difficult to tell the artificial lawn from the real thing!

Easy-Going Plants

Everyone loves a mix of colours and different scents in their garden but trying to cultivate and maintain a garden full of plants can be tricky, especially if you don’t have time to spare every day, but no worries Madera tree professionals for garden care are always at your service. Fortunately, protecting your garden with a garden fence gives you easy maintenance and there is plenty of flora available that looks the part without the need to babysit and can transform your garden from boring into beautiful.

  • Hydrangeas - Especially the repeat-blooming species of hydrangeas are a fantastic addition to your garden. They produce new flowers each year on both old and new stems, making it much easier to prune, and bloom in colours of blue, green, pink, purple and white.
  • Peonies - Available in beautiful shades and producing a gorgeous scent, it’s not difficult to see why the peony is a popular garden plant. Once established, peonies are tolerant against droughts and grow eagerly in both full or partial sunlight.
  • Catmint - A very easy plant to grow, catmint is popular for its leafy green bushes and the clusters of lavender-blue flowers that decorate the plant. Catmint is an aromatic herb that is tolerant of heat and drought and is the perfect addition to cat-friendly gardens.
  • Lavender - A favourite in traditional English country gardens, lavender is a stunning, aromatic plant that provides a range of pretty purple hues for your home. It doesn’t require a lot of watering and when planted near to your patio or decking can help to repel those pesky summer bugs!

Additional Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden

Caring for your lawn and plants are often what you will spend most of your time doing but if you still want to keep some natural plants and grass in your home there are still methods of ensuring your garden isn’t time-consuming to upkeep.

  • Avoid annuals that require seeding, planting and maintaining, only for you to repeat the process next year
  • Reduce the number of different species of plant in your garden and stick to two or three alongside some ornamental, low-hassle grasses
  • Fill the available space with plants and grasses to discourage the growth of weeds, especially between borders and pathways where weeds love to sneak through
  • Keep the number of containers to a minimum. Although much easier to shift around, containers need more maintenance than natural planting. If you do opt for containers go for large containers that will hold moisture for longer.


Whether you are getting on in age, suffer a disability or simply want a bit more time to call your own, creating a low maintenance garden for your home is the perfect way to do so without having to pave it all over!



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