Green Valley Ranch Up and Coming Neighborhood in Denver CO

October 6, 2020

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Denver or famously known as the “mile high city” is the most populated city in the state of Colorado, and there is a good reason for this. Located just east of the famous Rocky Mountains, it boasts an estimated population of just over 725,000 residents, popularly known as the “Denverites”. It has several geographical attractions including the Rocky Mountains, additional information can be found online such as the Denver Art Museum, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, it thrives in food, alcohol, activities and entertainment and festivities all year round.

With so much to do, no one has time to go anywhere else, so they just end up living there. But besides all this hustle and bustle, some of the residents prefer a much quieter and sophisticated option, which is provided by the numerous countryside and ranch regions that are also just as beautiful and lush, and provide a haven for those who prefer a slightly different lifestyle.

One such up-and-coming place is the “Green Valley Ranch”, which is situated along-side Denver’s E-470 and is a 20-minute drive from downtown. If you are looking to develop or buy in one of the hottest and expanding housing regions in Denver, this would undoubtedly be on top of the list. For those who first bought their homes in the land when it was just a prairie, have seen the massive improvements over the past few decades.

What Does Green Valley Ranch Offer That the City Doesn’t?

If you’re wondering what this ranch has to offer, keep reading to be amazed.

The population at present is just over 29,100 and this place has a sparse suburban feel to it. Not only does this region provide lush green scenery, but it also provides the luxury of the ranch, with plenty of high-quality food that is served in the restaurant’s new establishment. This is a well-built, new, and affordable housing option for many families. Almost as a region of its own and has a community vibe that living in the city may not provide for everyone.

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The newly built and now opened Gaylord Hotel and the shopping malls included in the are may just raise the bar for you when thinking about relocating to a neighborhood such as this. The town has a golf course as well and one can enjoy morning walks with clean fresh air and an array of parks to take your children to, not to be found in the cities packed streets.

It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t. there are lots of must-visit places just like this within the outskirts of Colorado’s natural parks and landscapes, that a lot of people are willing to move to at the drop of a dime because it is a chance of a lifetime. It is up and coming and the government is pending a large of its budget in the redevelopment of the space. So, what type of homes are available in this vicinity?

Types of Home Available in Green Valley Ranch

The area is now offering newly built low maintenance homes at affordable prices. According to the estate agents Scott and Lisa Homes, the median home value estimates to be about $270,700, this in comparison to the national average of $185,000 is slightly higher due to everything that is provided by this county and the standard of living here. If you’re looking to rent, you will be paying something between the amounts of $1600 and $17, 40 per month.

It has been named the most diverse neighbourhood in Denver and is ranked number 5 out of the 75 other places, however for young professionals it may seem like it is not the ideal setting, as it came 73rd out of the 75, but looks can be deceiving.

The older crowd does love it here, especially the ones who like to play golf, take walks in the parks and join the tea club for a chat. This is not to say that the younger crowd will not enjoy it, at the rate the house prices are going at the moment, it will be affordable for those looking to build a home with a future in family and kids.

The top public schools offered in the region are majority 5 stars rated institutions and there are 91 public schools in Gateway, Green Valley Ranch. The public library is not too far away, and neither is the zoo or the IMAX theatre, see here.

So, if you have kids, this would be heaven for them. Whether you’re looking to start a new family or have one already, this would be a perfect location and something to mention is that the average salary per household is about $70,000, which is decent, and there are plenty of job opportunities too, especially at the golf course and airport.

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The types of houses one can find here range from a town home worth almost $500,000 to a 4 bedroom and 2 bath house which could go for anywhere between $370,000 and $400,000. You can get a condo as well, something like a 2 bed for just over $300,000, or perhaps you feel like a mobile home or an apartment, of which there are plenty too.

The newest version is the single-family-carriage home designs priced around $320,000. The price of your property will depend on which side of the neighbourhood you choose and what type of establishment you’re looking for. But for the most part, it caters to all types and sizes.

All in all, according to the online reviews of those who have been residing in the ranch, the majority of them commented that they have been living there between 2 to 5 years and are seeing lots of new developments rising including modern stores, retail shops, to name a few, thus providing more of a choice for the residents, similar to what you would typically get in a city center, but without the overpopulation, pollution and noise. The future is looking bright for this region.


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