How Roofing Shingles Help with The Look of Your Home

October 21, 2020

If you are just moving into a new home or are considering a new roof, there are some points you should consider when selecting the appropriate shingles for your roof. A roof that has a large section visible from the street will always add to its curb appeal or lack thereof. That is why it is so important to consider your roofing shingles as an element of your exterior décor.

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What is the look you want to achieve?

If you are looking to have your home appear larger and emphasize its positive features, go for a light-colored asphalt shingle. If you want the eye to focus on a specific feature or want to hide some imperfections, a darker shingle might be your better choice.

What color is the most attractive?

Look at the natural landscape of your house. You want your roofing shingles to blend harmoniously with the surrounding gardens. The shingles you select should make a personal statement of the people living within that home while complementing the flora that is all around it.

Can you reflect your own personality through the shingles on your roof?

Of course! Take a look at the style of your home and choose roofing shingles that create the atmosphere you are looking for. You can either go for a bold, dramatic statement or a warm and welcoming feel. Or maybe you prefer a look of traditional elegance or one of ultra-modern chic. Keep in mind that when you enhance the curb appeal of your home you are also potentially increasing its resale value.

Does your home’s location also influence the color shingles you should get?

Definitely! If you live in Florida, you may want to incorporate warm, earth colors to complement the glow of the sun. But in the north, it’s natural for the sunlight to be a little cooler with a bluish tint. Be bold and go for shingles that offer a blend of cool greys or sky blues. They will look fantastic in any home.

How about your home’s building material? How does that affect your shingle selection?

Brick homes, homes that include stone veneers or wood logs, should have you studying the color shingles that best complement them. Red brick houses look fine with grey, dark brown, or black shingles. Or you may go bold and select green shingles. Make sure your home does not end up with an assortment of clashing colors.

If, on the other hand, your home has neutral-colored siding such as light grey or beige, you may opt for a darker roof or a colorful one in red or blue. If you have shutters, take the color of the shutters into account before buying the shingles for your roof. And if your house is brown, you may feel satisfied with grey, black green, and maybe even blue shingles.

Obviously, the best canvas is a white house that allows for any color shingle under the rainbow. In these cases, what would guide you would be the architectural style of the home, the overall look of your neighborhood, and your own personal style.

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