How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

October 22, 2020

Ceiling fans are one of the widely used electrical appliances in homes around the globe. They provide the room with air circulation and continuous breeze. Ceiling Fans are installed to have a comfortable living space with adequate air. They are available in a lot of shapes, sizes, and models, choosing the right ceiling fan for your home from a wide variety of options is quite a hard task. It is every homeowner's headache in itself.

But there are certain criteria and checkboxes you have to look for and according to your requirements, you can find a perfect fan match for your beautiful home. Finding the right fan matching the color theme or pattern of your house will add to the overall aesthetic beauty of your place.

Ceiling fans are now not just limited to your bedroom or living room, it has now expanded its usage to outdoor. Outdoor ceiling fans are now all the rage as they provide extra comfort while you chill in your Porsche, sit out or any outer space which as a ceiling above, an outdoor ceiling fan is all that you want to install in your outdoor ceiling, matching your outdoor furniture for that color-coordinated class. Choosing right outdoor ceiling fans is important, you can check this post for that.

And here are the various things to pay attention to while buying a ceiling fan:


Getting the right size is very much important to a perfect ceiling fan as it is to your outfits. Measure the room in square feet, where you want to install a new fan, and go for ceiling fan models corresponding to it. Also take into account the type of room you are going to install, such as the living room, bedroom, laundry room and so on.

Up to 75 sq. ft. 36 inches or smaller
75 to 144 sq. ft. 36 to 42 inches
144 to 225 sq. ft. 44 to 50 inches
225 to 400 sq. ft. 50 to 54 inches

You can look at this table as a guide to buy which size fan for your room according to the size of it.

If you want a fan for your outdoor space, calculate the area of your outdoor space’s ceiling then buy the outdoor ceiling fan accordingly.


Go for a fan that matches the overall aesthetic of your house. You may match it with the color theme or the common pattern used all around the house. If you have dual lighting systems such as white lights and yellow lights for that sophisticated look, go for fans that have lights on them. If your room is really grand, you can go for fans with 4 blades or more. While buying fans for your kids you can opt for fans with prints of their favorite movie character or cartoon. Just as people, ceiling fans come in different shapes and colors so take your time to keenly select a fan that matches your requirement the most. You can get your desired style of ceiling fan if you search in two or more stores, if not you can always go for online stores as there are even more collections of ceiling fans.



It is important to install your fan at the right height. The ideal distance between your floor and the ceiling fan should be 7 feet for optimal air circulation. If your ceiling lies below than an average ceiling, you could buy a short rod that can be bought along with your ceiling fan.

If your ceiling is at the right height you can use the rod that comes with your fan to install it.

If your ceiling is really high, you can buy long rods in the same color as your ceiling fan, if longer rods are not available at your local hardware store you can place an order online as there is a wide range of options available.

Place your fan right above the place where you spend your time the most. It could be above your couch if it's in your living room, above your bed in your bedroom, and above your dining table in your dining room

For outdoor ceiling fans, install it exactly above the place where you have put your outdoor furniture. While installing your outdoor ceiling fan you can stick to the ideal distance of 7 feet between the floor and ceiling fan or go a little higher if you wish for better air circulation.


While buying the apt fan of your taste and theme of your home, you have to decide on how you are going to switch it on and switch it on and switch it off. This could be the typical switch method, remote control, or the old fashioned rope method. This may not solely be to your choice as the method in which the ceiling fan is controlled totally depends on its model specification, hence it is better to look for the best ceiling fan for your home in the category of your desired mode of controlling it.

This aspect of choosing the mode of controlling the ceiling fan can be compromised as once you enter into the room you are going to switch it on and it is going to remain on until you switch it off when you leave the room. A ceiling fan is an appliance that does not need to be controlled frequently hence if you find a perfect ceiling fan in your not so favorite mode of control, you can still go for it.


Ceiling fans run on electricity, it is important that you look into the stars of the energy consumption in each fan, and evaluate. The higher the star, the lesser the energy consumed. Buying a ceiling fan that is not energy efficient will burn a hole in your pocket every time you pay your home’s electricity bill. This is a criterion where you should not compromise as having a fancy fan that makes your electricity bill huge is no good.

Also, look at the CFM which stands for cubic feet per minute. The CFM is measured while the ceiling fan runs at high speed and then divided by the amount of electricity consumed in watt. Which means the higher the CFM, the more efficient the fan. According to Energy Star requirements, 75cfm per watt is the minimum value for the ceiling fan to be energy efficient.

A ceiling fan is a common electrical appliance that is used in every home, it keeps us comfortable in all weather conditions by providing optimal air circulation. Such an appliance should be bought with at most knowledge and by considering various criteria which are mentioned above.


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