How To Increase Natural Light In Your Home

October 19, 2020

Letting natural light inside your home can do wonders to the overall aesthetics of your property and to the health of the people living in it, says Paramount Management & Realty. Natural light can help reduce energy consumption as it eliminates the need to use artificial lights. Natural light can also ward off seasonal depression, improve quality of sleep, and boost productivity.

You’ll be able to able to experience a number of advantages when you let natural light in your home, which is why you should be willing to make changes to ensure that your home receives plenty of this resource. Contrary to popular belief, increasing the amount of natural light in your home isn’t an expensive and tedious task. Merely following the tips below is enough to help you achieve this goal.

Change Your Ceiling Lights

Another way to increase natural lights in your home is to place your ceiling, wall, and floor lights strategically so as not to take the place of potential natural lights.

When you’ve got skylights and big windows, more light can come through. Just opening up your windows can bring more illumination in. If you’ve got too many lights that interfere with this natural source, you may become too dependent on your artificial lights than the natural ones itself.

A good option is to install a dimmer switch. This ensures that the lights in your home are better controlled, to give more way for the natural lights.

As you change up your ceiling fixtures and if it's outdated, you may also want to change it up with newer ones that can help bring more light in. One of these is soffit ceilings.

  • Install A Skylight

    If you’re looking for a simple way to get more natural light in your home, then, the best way to get this is to install a skylight. This is an inexpensive and easy way to enhance the look of your home without having to make any drastic structural changes. Installing a skylight can improve the ambiance of your home and increase its value.

    If you want your skylight to be unique, consider a Skypod roof lantern as this can boost your interior and exterior décor, as well as improve your home’s thermal efficiency.
  • Paint Your Eaves In White

    One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have when it comes to increasing the amount of natural light in their homes is that they have to spend a lot of money or wait for a long time to achieve it. This isn’t true because merely painting your eaves in white is enough.

    Eaves are those overhangs created by your roof. Depending on the kind of roofing system you have right now, your eaves are either left open or covered using a horizontal soffit. Your eaves are important because these affect the natural light entering your home.

    For you to use your eaves to allow natural light inside your house, paint them in white. The lighter your eaves are, the more natural light they can reflect inside your home. This trick can work well regardless of the color of your home and roof because your eaves will only be visible from the inside.
  • Install Large Windows

    If you want to have as much natural light in your room as possible, consider installing large windows as these will allow as much natural light as possible into the space. This is especially true if you’re going to install several windows made from glass.

    Depending on your preferences, you may want to install frosted glass to create a different look, but keep in mind that if you use frosted glass for your window, then, the room will not be able to reflect as much sunlight as you would like it to.

    If you want to add some privacy to your windows, consider using blinds or curtains as these can easily be adjusted. Blinds and curtains allow you to cover your windows, and provide you with natural light whenever you want to.When you’ve got natural light in your home that you can maximize with big windows, open these windows as much as you can throughout the day. Even if you’ve got curtains and blinds, keeping these open will bring more natural light in. Keep these windows and blinds closed only during the night.These windows are a very good way to keep your home well ventilated. Not only are you able to bring light in, but more air as well. This can help make your home a healthier space. Just be sure that now that you’ve got big glass windows, you have to clean these regularly to avoid dust and dirt from sticking. Otherwise, these can also make your home look poorly-maintained.
  • Use Brighter And Lighter Colors For Your Walls And Ceiling

    Just like your roof eaves, the color you pick for your walls and ceiling can also affect the amount of natural light that goes into your house. So, if you want your home to have as much natural lights as possible, opt to paint your walls and ceiling in white. This color effectively reflects light, and make your home look and feel bigger.

    If you don’t want your home to follow a monochromatic color scheme and only use white all over, decorate using pieces that come in neutral tones or bold colors. Any type of décor basically goes well with white, so you won’t have any problems adding color the space.White and cream walls can do wonders in making your home airier. Think, resort feels. Particularly when you pair this up with a glass wall and thin curtains, even a small space will look fresh and brighter.Hence, if there’s any home renovation project you might want to consider this spring, why not paint your walls in lighter colors! This is a project that’s very affordable and can also be done all by yourself.
  • Replace Wall Space With Glass Blocks

    No home is complete without walls. These divide your space and create small rooms within your home. But, instead of merely using walls as partitions, why not utilize them to bring more natural light into your home?

    Today, you can replace your wall space with glass blocks. As the name suggests, glass blocks can bring a fair amount of natural light inside your home.

    If the idea of using glass blocks interests you, contact an experienced contractor in your area. Glass blocks require headers to ensure that they remain sturdy after the installation.

Work With Pros

There are many ways to increase the natural light in your home, too many that you won’t have any problems choosing a handful based on your budget and current floor plan. 

However, if you want to effectively increase the natural light entering your home, it’s best if you hire contractors who can do the job for you. They have the experience and equipment to carry out the task, and even provide suggestions on how you can better maximize natural light in your home.

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