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Pest Control Through The Pandemic- Actionable Steps For Food Businesses

The pandemic has made health and safety a top priority for everyone, including businesses. They are going the extra mile with the implementation of critical operational changes to ensure the safety of the customers and employees. Things are a tad more challenging for food businesses because they need to invest extra efforts to enhance the quality and safety of their products and services. Pest control is an aspect they cannot ignore, even more in the COVID era because the risk of contamination can add to the current woes of the business. Here are some actionable steps that food businesses need to take for effective pest control through the pandemic.

Perform regular inspections

As businesses may have closed for a while and foot traffic is on a decrease, pests have more opportunities to enter your workplace. It makes sense to be extra careful about regular inspections to detect their presence and mitigate the issue before it gets worse. Keep a watch on kitchens and bathrooms for potential signs of pest infestations, such as eggs, wings, and droppings. Inspection of the storage areas is equally important, which you need to check the stored food stocks as well. Apart from indoor inspections, look outside the property as well. Clear any vegetation outside of the facility to ensure that insects and rodents do not have a place to hide. Also, inspect packages and deliveries before bringing them inside.

Invest in professional inspection and control

Even the best efforts to inspect your facility may not be good enough because these pesky intruders can hide in the most unusual places. Having periodic checks by professional exterminators is a smart approach. Although it may cost you a bit, the services are worthwhile because they can protect your business and its reputation. Also, invest in Pest Control at the first signs of an infestation because it is more important than ever to keep your place clean and hygienic now. Collaborate with a licensed provider that has been around and knows commercial pest extermination well enough. Ask them about the extra measures they are using to help clients in the pandemic era.

Reduce potential pest entryways

While you may do everything to get pests out of your place, they can still make their way back on the first opportunity. It is vital to prevent them from gaining access to your facility so that you need not worry at all. A close watch on the potential entryways will put you in a good place. Mice and rats can easily fit through small holes, so identify and seal any gaps or cracks on the outside with an appropriate sealant. Pay extra attention to the spots where utilities enter. Additionally, screen all doors, windows, and vents to keep pests out for good. While you must take these measures in the routine, a thorough check is warranted after extermination.

The current phase is challenging for food businesses, and any misstep in terms of quality of products can put you out of work. Steering clear of pests, therefore, becomes more critical than ever, and these measures can cover your business to a considerable extent.


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