Top 7 Ways To Identify You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring

October 6, 2020

The easiest way to identify if your garage door needs replacement is to carefully observe the spring, cables, and shaky movement of the door.

Automatic garage doors are always considered very helpful because of their optimum facilities.

It is one of the most regularly used units of your house. Opening and closing garage doors are natural but excessive use can create problems. Now there is no limited number as to how many times you should open and close these doors.

But sometimes it can put pressure on the door as well as on its spring.

Also, a lack of proper maintenance can cause complications for the spring. Or if your garage door is too old then the spring can be prone to corrosion and rust.

There are many different types of garage doors but all the automatic ones have motors and springs. If you overlook or do not understand that your spring needs to be replaced then it might result in an unwanted accident.

Here are the 7 signs which will help you identify whether your garage door spring has been broken or damaged-

1. The Door Opens With An Ear-Splitting Sound

Does your garage door make a loud noise every time you operate it?

Is it loud enough to annoy your neighbors? If so, then it is time to properly inspect the door.

Usually, the door itself is not causing the loud sounds. Maybe your operator is facing issues or the chain and cables have become loose or maybe there is a gap in the spring.

There are a few different reasons but mostly these indicate a faulty spring.

First, get it checked and then move on to the door opener which controls the whole operation by using motors. It is probably best to call in the experts who know about garage door opener installation and repair.

2.Your Door Spring Has A Gap In It

If you feel there is a change in your spring and it weighs more than before, there is a gap in your spring.

When the spring starts to collapse, it unwinds, leaving a small gap in the center of the spring. This small gap, however, can grow bigger and can vary in length from 1′′ to 2′. That's why the spring feels heavy. This, in turn, forces the metal away from the spring

If you notice these changes in your spring, contact an expert immediately. Do not try to fix things on your own if you do not have enough experience and knowledge about the different parts of the garage door and how to repair it. Without the proper knowledge, it might result in a bad accident.


3.Shaky Movement Of Your Garage Door

A garage door consists of several moving parts. These parts are connected and help your door run smoothly and in a well-maintained way.

When you find the door start to get unstable, shaky, and shudder, then you have to know that it is a sign, the door needs repairing or lubrication.

To be more specific your spring needs more lubrication. The spring is the one that rotates and brings up the door. If it is rusty the door will have a shaky movement.

4.Your Door Has A Deformed Shape

A lot of times when you are opening with a garage door opener the door will go up but the top of it will look bent or crooked.


It indicates that something is not right and doors are being forced to open or close. Since the door is run by a motor, even if it feels resistance it will still force the door to go up and down. The reason being force is applied because spring is not working correctly.

This could further lead to damaged bent tracks and rollers.

You can make your rollers last longer by lubricating it, using de-greasers with hydrocarbons. But if you see any damage to the spring then contact experts, replace, and reinstall new springs immediately.

5.Your Garage Door Falls Extremely Fast

It is one of the easiest things to notice. During the time of shutting your garage door if comes down faster than it normally should then it simply indicates a broken spring.

Always try to remember, a broken door will fall more quickly than normal.

If you ignore this sign and keep using it without repairing, a disaster might result at any time.

6. The Door Takes Forever To Open

After regularly using your garage you have a pretty good idea how much time it takes for the door to open and close.

We already talked about how it is the spring's fault when your door falls too fast. It’s the same in the opposite case. If you feel like the door is taking way longer than usual then your torsion spring has probably worn out.

7. Your Cables Are Not Working Properly

There are several reasons why your cables are not working smoothly as they used to. The reason can be that the cables are loose, or they are broken.

The cable is the second most important component of your door. There are various signs which will help you to figure out if your cables are in trouble or not.

Most of the time your lift cable faces the damage because it balances the load of your garage door. It helps keep the door steady in the open position.

Your cables can directly affect the spring. If you want to fix the door and spring yourself then avoid mistakes like working alone or using the wrong tools. It only makes things worse.

Often keep an eye out for signs of unwanted wear, deterioration, or rust. Also, watch out if the cables are steady or not.

Final thoughts

If you think maintaining a garage door is very tricky, though, it honestly is not. All you have to do is monitor weekly, maintain and use it properly and always look out for the above-mentioned signs. If you notice any unusual changes try to contact a professional immediately.


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