Understanding the Difference Between a Conveyor Belt and a Conveyor System

October 13, 2020

Understanding the Difference Between a Conveyor Belt and a Conveyor System

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To fully understand the difference between a conveyor belt and a conveyor system, first we need to get familiar with the terms separately.

The conveyor system is widely used in many industries. It is the fundamental piece or a mechanical device for moving goods from one place to another. They are a practical way of carrying heavy materials and are an essential part of every large industry.

The efficient transport of goods is one of the top benefits of these types of systems. When you have a big industry, it is complicated to move things from one place to another by hand. This can be especially tricky if the things you need to move are heavy and big.

In big factories where there is a large production, you would need to have a large and strong crew to move all the goods by hand. This is not a cost-effective way to deal with this situation and that is why industries like these use systems that serve as transportation. Follow the link https://beltingedge.com to keep reading about the conveyor system.

Conveyor systems 

These transportation systems are called conveyor system and are quite popular in industries today. But that is not their only use. A simple and familiar example for them can be mostly found in malls. There they are used as a way to transport people from one level to another.

Shopping centers usually have this type of system to help people get faster and easier at their desired place. Airports, on the other hand, use this technology to efficiently deliver baggage to passengers.

However, transporting people and goods in industries is not the only usage of this technology.

Although it is practical for moving heavy things, they come in handy in supermarkets and sushi restaurants. There they are used to carry plates and products. This is a great way to improve the functionality and efficiency of a restaurant or a supermarket.

Some portable conveyors can be moved if they are no longer used at a particular place. Most commonly, they are known as mobile conveyors. For example, if a floor plan is changed, you can

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transport it to another place to use it. Or even if the volume of production has dropped or increased, these systems can be switched accordingly.

Depending on their purpose, there are different conveyor systems that you can get. Because of the various types, their popularity has increased significantly throughout the years.

Conveyor belt 

In order for the conveyor system to function as it does, there needs to be a carrying medium for the process to be successful. This medium that carries things around is called a conveyor belt.

To better understand this system's principle, it is necessary to mention that there are at least two pulleys that are an essential part of the conveyor system. They use as a powering source allowing the system to move.

The belt makes circles around them, creating a constant rotation. This is how products are carried around efficiently. Although this system doesn't sound as complex, it has wide use in every known industry. Learn more here.

Connecting these lines into a computer, you can get control over the process of transportation. The system itself is cost-effective because it saves a lot of labor and makes every process more rapid. With this technology, companies can deliver and produce higher volumes and save money on labor costs.

There are a lot of different types of conveyor systems, but the belt ones are the most widely used. They are cheaper than others and carry different types of goods. They can move objects with different weights, sizes, regular, irregular, etc.

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The most practical thing is that rollers beneath the belt can be curved. This comes in handy when you need to put the system in an irregular shaped space, and it needs to curve along with some corners.

This technology has been used since the 19th century. Although, back then, it wasn't so advanced as it is today. Primitive types of belts were used to transport objects. Their demand has attracted engineers' attention, and they have been developing and improving new systems since then.

What we can conclude from all of the above is that the conveyor system contains parts to function properly. One of those parts is the belt that serves to move the parts from one place to another.

Application of conveyor systems and belts

In conclusion, managing all sorts of materials and loads can be easily done with conveyor belts. The most popular usage of this type of technology is carrying food items like vegetables, drinks, nuts, or even canned food.

On the other hand, it can be used to convey car parts like tires and engines. In the medicine is used to transport pills and powder. With that said, it is justified to said that conveyor systems are essential for the industries to function correctly.

Benefits of this technology 

Because it is an automated process, it offers a safe work environment, and it is easily controlled. Depending on the need, you can change the course or even change the velocity of the system.

Not only that is safe for everyone who works there, but it also transports all the goods safely from one place to another. If every single piece is carried by hand, it can happen to slip and break. That is why this technology is considered to be safer and more efficient.

With their increased popularity, engineers still work on improving their performances. Every day new and safer measures and features are installed in order to increase their practicality.  

Moreover, the different types of these systems allow a lot of companies to combine what they need for their production. A large number of benefits have made this technology almost irresistible and a must-have to every fast-growing industry.

Depending on the load, every one of these systems can be upgraded with different add-ons and options if the customer needs it.

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