5 Easy Hacks to Make a Room Look Bigger Illustrated with Photoreal 3D Renders

November 13, 2020

A spacious dwelling with high ceilings is the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about the perfect home. But what about those of us who have only a couple of dozen square meters? Do we have to forget about cozy rooms and put up with cramped four walls forever? It's too early to despair! Our design tips visualized in 3D will help to increase the space of even the smallest rooms. Take notes on simple but smart ideas that won’t cost much time and effort.

Give preference to light colors

Pastels and cold tones create a sense of freshness and spaciousness in the room. It is not for nothing that there are so many design styles incorporating predominantly white and off-white shades: Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Provance, Zen, etc. Simply painting your walls and ceiling white will make a small room look several times bigger. Add to that some pastel accents and you will have a truly refreshing ambiance in the room.

Think through a lighting scenario

To visually expand a room, professional designers usually combine natural light from windows with light from artificial sources. The idea is quite simple — the more light sources are used, the larger the room will appear. The main trick of smart lighting scenarios is that natural light is always a priority, everything else is secondary.

Incorporate glass and mirrors

Never doubt old-school tricks that are constantly in trend — transparency and openness in the interior design. Glass coffee tables and shelves, mirrored cabinet doors, polished furniture surfaces, French windows and doors are just a few examples of smart use of materials to visually expand the space. Most importantly, no dividing walls and partitions unless they are glass. Open space is the key to making any dwelling look large and capacious.

Choose flowy textiles

Dense textiles make an already small space feel even more constricted. This applies to massive carpets, multi-layered curtains, canopies, and so on — all of these have no place in small rooms. Instead, you can try light tulle, delicate bedspreads, and unobtrusive carpets. Fabrics should be airy and floating such as linen, cotton, fine silk, and other natural textiles.

Pick multifunctional furniture

For especially small rooms, multifunctional and folding furniture is the ideal solution. For example, a bed that can be folded into a wall niche and its bottom turned into comfortable bookshelves. Another option is folding sofas or armchairs, under which you can store a lot of things. This way, you will not only declutter space but organize a well-thought-out storage system.

These simple yet effective design ideas we pictured in our interior design renderings will help make your home more spacious and comfortable without breaking the bank. On top of that, it's always pleasant to come back to a freshened-up home with a cozy atmosphere, isn’t it? So don’t hesitate to try something new in order to turn your dwelling into something you truly can call ‘home sweet home’.

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