6 Creative Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Metal Name Signs

November 30, 2020

Your family may have probably transferred to a newer and cozier home that you yourselves can now call your own. Now, the problem is how to make an entire space appear lively aside from choosing the best furniture types that would surely complement the environment your family wants to feel throughout their stay in the house. The tables, closets, and chairs are not enough to create a welcoming atmosphere.

This explains the reason why there had been numerous interior design ideas circulating on the internet for providing inspiration on how to restyle the overall feel of the area. Moreover, decorating hacks are now being shared online to assist in creating the easiest and most affordable DIY decorative ornaments by just utilizing the materials that are commonly found at home. However, you would want one elegant ornament that could immediately represent your entire family and give your visitors an idea of what values exists in your household.

Family signs are the go-to decorations that you can totally have for your home which could even be personalized to your desired custom design that you think would best embody your family’s personality and principles. These signs can come in various styles and forms but knowing first which family sign type fits best is the key to having the right decorative material for your home. You don’t wanna overdo the design and setup of your home because it may appear too crowded and there will be no breathing space left for the members of your family. Find the right balance of what appears to be acceptable in your home makeover that it doesn’t overpower other elements.

Browse below to help you kickstart the beautification project of your home!

  1. Rustic Metal Signs

This is the appropriate signage type if your family is more on the earthy tones and elemental vibes type of environment. With wood being the canvas or the background panel, the touch of nature is present even within the comfort of your home. It doesn’t have to be purely real tree wood because you can opt for the lighter type of material so that mounting it on the walls would be effortless.

  1. Wooden Metal Signs

Metal letters and shapes can also be attached to different types of wood. The wood itself can also be carved or shaped into different forms to produce a unique design that can represent the family or something about them - it may be a figure that resembles an animal the family has or just a simple heart. You have the liberty of creating abstract figures and have metal letters attached to your personalized block of woods for a more modern feel. Express your creativity and artistry through carving and this could be an activity for your family to bond.

  1. Canvas Metal Signs

If you do not prefer wood as a background for your customized metal letters, canvasses can be utilized because they can cater to different patterns of design. You’ve got a photo that you’ve wanted to have as a background? Worry no more! You can have the canvas printed with whatever image you would like to have as a background. Is it a place from one of your family’s trip abroad? Or maybe, a picture of the pets you currently have? The choice is yours.

  1. Graphic Metal Signs

Who said you can’t incorporate pictures and artworks in your family sign? Yes, you absolutely can. Got some old artworks that you would want to be featured in your metal sign? You can request to imprint it for the personalization of your family’s sign. This is a contemporary take on designing your family sign because you might want to include symbols or images that are valuable to your family. This metal sign could also function as a trip down memory lane because it will help your family summarize all the activities you’ve done together. There lies a deeper meaning behind the sign you’ve developed.

For Outdoor Personalized Metal Signs

Don’t limit your decorations to the very interiors of your home because beautifying the exterior is also important. The walls aren’t the only place you can mount your signs on. The fences of your porch can be the right place to set your sign up. You can also check house names ideas. The gate could also be one. If you decide to have one for your home, the properties you should be looking for in material should include higher durability, resistance to corrosion, waterproof, and can withstand different temperatures or weather conditions.

These are the possible options you can choose from:

  1. Monogram Personalized Metal Signs

This metal sign type could also be the perfect gift for married couples, housewarming events, or even those who are yet to begin a family because you can have this personalized with the shapes and form you envision the metal piece to appear. To make it even more special, add the date which had an utmost significance to the family.

  1. Yard Metal Sign

Metal signs don’t have to be within the interiors of your home only. If you prefer having a family sign outside of your house and instead have it displayed on your mini garden, a personalized yard metal sign with your family name engraved on it is an appealing way of declaring that your blooming garden is a collective effort of the members under your family. What better way to name your garden using your family name?


Reflect on the color scheme, the feeling of the environment, and the area space. Does the metal ornament take up to many spaces and appear too crowded along with the other elements present in your house? Or does it fill the space but with balanced minimalism? It is important to picture out how the overall place will look like once the personalized sign is conceptualized. Make sure to also rely on trusted metalwork professionals so that there are higher chances that your investment will not go to waste. Ask them all the questions you have about family signs and how the whole process would go. They should be willing enough to guide you in every step in designing and creating the personalized family sign.


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