8 Tips to Beautify and Increase the Value of Your House

November 20, 2020

Humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. It’s just hardwired in us that seeing things that are beautiful makes us feel good.

When you get home from a long and stressful day of shopping or work, a beautiful house with furniture and designs arranged just right can be enough to give us a sense of calm and peace, as it shows us the controlled and beautiful environment around us, coupled with the fact that it comes from the safety and security of our own home.

This is why you can’t just throw around design and decoration ideas haphazardly when decorating. You want a good combination of things to make your house look good, not have it look like it is filled with an amalgamation of décor.

Here are some tips you can use to help your house become even more beautiful.

Prioritize and adapt to room colors

A room’s atmosphere can be partially dependent on the colors splashed on its walls. Changing the paint on your room’s walls to something like blue or red then mixing and matching it with something like yellow or dark blue furniture that shows its variety (or doubles down) on its color palette can give any room a refreshing feel.

Of course, you don’t always need to change the paint on the walls, especially if you think they still look good, in which case you simply need to adapt the room décor and design accordingly to make it fit in with the room aesthetic of the walls.

Control the presence of natural light

Getting sunlight in your rooms makes them feel much more relaxing and refreshing, thanks to the natural feel of nature seeping in from the windows.

However, you don’t want to have sunlight inside all the time, especially when it gets to that really hot and bright time of the day. A great way to alleviate this is by using made to measure curtains, which can control the amount of light that enters the house, while also adding some style and flair to your windows. It’s a win-win!

Decorate consistently with the theme

If you want some of your rooms to exhume a certain atmosphere because of the theme you are going for, use related decoration items.

For instance, if you want to go for a classic-styled room, use furniture or items that look vintage (but have the modern comfort, like a vintage sofa but with modern mattresses)

If you want to go for a modern room, then naturally, use modern furniture and accessories. Consistency is a key here, especially for the rooms that have a theme that you really want emphasized.

Add accessories in your rooms

Adding some accessories to rooms and some unassuming spots is a good way to give them some character. Placing things like knickknacks, collectibles, or figurines a on tables and shelves is one way to do this, but you can also place things like tiny decorative items or candleholders in the bathroom or your windowsills.

Give your house a taste of nature

Plants are a wonderful way to bring nature’s colors in your room and give you a nice natural feel.

You can opt for potted plants like ferns, but picking and potting flowers from your garden work as well. Plus, they just smell good, so they will add a nice aroma to the room they are placed in.

Add mirrors

Mirrors work by tricking your eyes to make rooms seem larger than they are, which is helpful if a room isn’t too big, or if they are placed in a spot that is naturally tight, such as a hallway.

Mirrors also help in emphasizing some spots that you might want others to see that they might otherwise miss without it.

Arrange your books

If you have some books just hanging around in your shelves, this is for you.

Books can be arranged depending on the person. Arranging them by chronological order if they are like, say, in a series, helps keep track of your books more easily, but you can also choose to arrange them by height or even cover if you don’t mind the books being a little more scattered.

Arranging by colors, especially, makes your bookshelves look very colorful, but it might be really hard to find that next book in the series you are currently reading.

Reduce room clutter

Finally, if you want to beautify your house, take all of these tips into account, but only apply the ones you really need.

You don’t need to keep on adding new designs and accessories on every room if they don’t need it because if you go overboard, you risk making the room look cluttered and messy.

They might look nice on their own, but when tossed alongside so many other things just to fill up room space, their beauty is drowned out by how overwhelming everything in the room is.

Sometimes, less is more.

Amas Jukubuvicious

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