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Benefits of a Snow Blower for Your Driveway

snowblower for driveway
The winter is upon us, and for many of that means one thing – snow! To a child, snow is a thing of wonder, a beautiful gleaming white coating that signals the impending arrival of Christmas and all the joys that season brings. It’s wonderful to look at, fun to play in and part of childhood. But to us, as adults, snow – while indeed beautiful and charming – becomes nothing but a problem and a worry when winter arrives. Read more about your snowblower for driveway.

When snow covers the ground – no matter how thinly – it turns footpaths and driveways into slippery, dangerous surfaces that can be treacherous for pedestrians and vehicles. In areas of heavy snowfall, a driveway can become covered very quickly. Go to bed one night to a clear drive, and the next morning there’s 6 inches of snow to deal with.

You need to clear a path to get the car out of the drive and to ensure people do not fall and injure themselves on your property, and it’s here when snow becomes annoying and troublesome. We’ve all spent time on a cold and wet winter morning with a shovel, getting rid of as much snow as possible. But now there’s a faster, more efficient, and less tiresome alternative: the snow blower.

What is a Snow Blower? 

A snow blower is a powered machine that consists of a few vital parts: a motor, which will be gas or electric, a frame that includes a handle and has wheels attached, and an augur, which is a large bladed device that turns and picks up the snow. In addition, there will be the control unit and gearing to power the augur, but that’s basically it.

These machines are designed to clear hundreds of pounds of snow in a short time, so they will clear your driveway and paths far more quickly than the traditional shovel. There are two types – the single stage and the two-stage snow blower – so which is best? Let’s have a look!

Why You Need a Two-Stage Snow Blower

You need a snowblower for driveway this winter! A single stage snow blower is as described in the passages above and does the trick nicely for areas with medium snowfall and where the ground is even and level. For heavy snowfall or for uneven terrain, it is recommended you check out the two stage snow blower for the best results. The reason for this we are about to explain, so bear with us if we get a little technical!

A two-stage snow blower adds an extra implement to the design of the machine. This is called an impeller, and if you think of it as a large fan with spinning blades, you’re on the right lines. As with the single stage device, the augur picks up the snow. However, rather than throw it down a chute and away, it delivers it to the impeller. This allows for more snow to be collected and dispatched at one time, as the impeller adds extra power. It also gives you extra accuracy.

More Information

However, there is one more major benefit to this type. The design of the single-stage snow blower means the augur is always in touch with the ground. So, if it hits a bump or a boulder, it will stop or hesitate and potentially be damaged. The two-stage machine allows for their to be a gap between the augur and the ground at all times. This is so it is usable on the uneven or bumpy ground without any problems.

For many people, this is a major advantage, as they may be clearing a driveway that is not paved and has bumps or one that may have rocks concealed beneath the snow. This type of snow blower also clears snow faster. This is thanks to the two-stage delivery system and will therefore appeal to the user with more space to clear and those of us in heavy snowfall areas. So, do you need a snow blower?


You need a snowblower for driveway this winter! You don’t enjoy the prospect of spending many hours out in the cold clearing snow away with a shovel. This is why you need a snow blower. For what they are, these are surprisingly affordable machines. You will feel the benefit of your investment every time you use one to clear snow that would usually take you a long time in just a matter of minutes. Check out the range of two-stage snow blowers. Do this as we reckon it is worth spending a little more on one of these more capable machines.

Lastly, I hope you learned more about your snowblower for driveway. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage.


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