Best Furniture for Living Rooms in 2021

November 10, 2020

So many design styles so little time. From wood crafted Scandi furniture to the whimsical Grandmillenial-inspired floral sofa, there’s more than one reason to get giddy in today’s trending furniture design themes. And, where else can you showcase and explore these exciting styles? Where else but the forefront of the home, the living room. Though with a battery of furniture styles to choose from, getting the best furniture for living rooms in 2020 can be a daunting task. That is why we put together great finds here that’s worth peeking into.

  1. Sofa-in-a-box Concept Notable: Snugsofa’s The Big Chill Corner Sofas, Can Sofa by Hay 

With the facets of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the convenience of the flat-pack furniture has attracted many young movers and first-time homeowners. Though not a novice concept (thank you IKEA!), a sofa in a flat-pack may be a new thing to us who grew up with the conventional preassembled sofa set.

As manufacturing and production process are taking strides, so as consumers at-ease attitude towards flat-pack furniture. Take, for instance, the RTA kitchen cabinets, which come with a wide range of designs that include the traditional shaker look with impressive quality of materials.

Snugsofa’s The Big Chill Corner Sofa has a successful launching with its stylish urban modern design that comes with a classy velvet finish and a variety of hues to choose from. And, since it is stain-resistant you can place it wherever or whenever perfect for a young family or a single’s hub.

So, velvet is not your cup of tea? The Can Sofa might be, as it is the perfect flat-pack living room furniture if you want to match it up with your industrial-inspired architecture. The customizable flat-pack sofa is by French duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for the Danish design brand Hay. The sofa is easy-to-assemble hence, the name “Can” (you can make it) Sofa.

2. The Artsy Accent Armchair

Notable: Infinity Armchair by Natalia Komarova

Statement pieces are the perfect pieces to amp your modern interior, creating interest and juxtaposition to a stark minimalistic backdrop. Meet the Infinity Chair by Natalia Komarova and this is not just another accent sofa as the unique design bagged the prestigious Gold A’Design Award this year. Symbolizing the infinite cyclic of life and balance, the inverted figure of eight on the backrest when turned sets the dynamics of lines which recreates the infinity sign in several planes.

3. Mid-Century Modern Sofa 

Notable: Erinn 67" Flared Arms Loveseat

The tapered-legged furniture is having a major moment in 2020 as the 70’s vintage design is a fav and a popular choice by both homeowners and interior designers. Popular colors such as mustard, sage, and permission adds a hint of vintage flair. Modern hues such as gray, black, and cobalt are also great choices.

Scandinavian architecture and interior design are making a feast day, so as the mid-century modern sofa. The vintage sofa is listed in Wayfair, Amazon, and Decorist’s most bought items.

4. Printed Sofas, a Grandmillenials’ Dream 

Notable: Linwood’s Omega Prints II Collection

If you haven’t heard about Grandmillenial style that you’re in a treat. How did it start? Through the “millennial” way, of course, the rise of the “New Traditionalist” has been well-documented on Instagram most notably by influencers like Amy Berry, Becky Boyle, Clary Bosbysell, and Eddie Ross with their awe-inspiring brightly layered interiors.

We love the beautifully designed Omega Prints II Collection by Linwood, and we hope you’ll find it too, especially the Fez print with its eye-catching pattern and hues. The perfect furniture fabric for your Grandmillenial or Haute Bohemian interior.

5. Organic Lust 

Notable: Anya & Niki StyleCraft Teak Coffee Table

As we strive to lean towards sustainability and biophilic living, we see more and more environmentally-responsible products in the market.

Included in Amazon’s Best Seller list for coffee tables, the Anya and Niki StyleCraft Teak Coffee Table is a looker in our books. Anchor it with a white faux fur rug and surround it with your leather sofa, and you’ve got a sophisticated yet organic air to your living room interior.


More than just trends, the best furniture for living rooms in 2020 is a great opportunity to reflect on the changing times. As amidst the tech-driven lifestyle today, it is comforting to know that hand-crafted and creatively designed pieces are still much appreciated. With that, we see there’s so much more to look forward to, as we enter another year of possibilities in the upcoming 2021.

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