Best Furniture Pieces for your Living Room in 2021

November 13, 2020

As you sift through your Instagram feed or lifestyle magazines, there is a particular aesthetic when it comes to home decor that likely catches your eye. It is not necessarily attention-grabbing because it is flashy or bright; there is something about the simplicity of natural white light and neutral palettes that calm your mind and inspire you. Your furniture does not have to be showy to be fun, so if you are looking for some new furniture pieces in 2021, here are some great places to start:

Living rooms tend to be the most spacious rooms. The living room is the heart of the house that serves many purposes, such as bringing people together. An accent chair is perfect because it will fill up empty space and serve a functional purpose. Plus, it is an opportunity to show some personality, and with so many sizes, colors, and materials, the options are limitless to find one that suits you and your space. Guests will love coming over and having a chance to sit in something unique, and it can even become your own sacred space when you need a change of pace from the couch.

Every fun accent chair needs its sidekick - the side table. Think metal side tables, especially when using next to the accent chair or on both sides of the couch. They are simple, sleek, and neutral in color, making them the perfect complement to your larger pieces of furniture, no matter the color.

Side tables are not always enough space, though, so in the spirit of keeping with this natural and trendy aesthetic, wood slice coffee tables are an excellent addition. They are not only unique conversation starters but come in many sizes, making them suitable for any living room. Although, they are typically smaller in nature, which is great for keeping things simple and minimal, especially if you have a smaller space. When we have large center tables, we tend to take advantage of the extra surface area and allow things to become cluttered on top or in drawers as we go about our busy lives. But this can really take away from the lovely aesthetic you are trying so hard to create for the new year! While no branches are involved in the making, many wood slice coffee tables are designed as if to have little limbs for you and your guest to find a snug spot for your coffee or cocktail. Placing an order with Anne Quinn Furniture is very easy and their wooden tables are immaculate.

Finally, if you want something that fuses style, fun, and reflects your regard for the environment, look no further than a hanging swinging chair made of wicker or rattan. This is the best piece to introduce a style and material into your living room that you traditionally only see on porches or patios. Plus, the eco-friendly trend is continuously on the rise. Natural material means natural colors, perfect for pairing with a patterned (or plain white) cozy pillow and woven blanket.


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