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How Long Does it Take to Replace Windows in Your Home?

Did you know that your windows can lose 25-30% of heat or cool air? That leakage will cause your energy bills to skyrocket as we approach winter.

If you want to save money and do your part to combat climate change, upgrading your windows is a good first step. It can be a process that takes a while, though.

How long does it take to replace windows?

Read on to find out how long it takes to replace the windows in your home.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Windows?

Let’s get right to it. A window replacement can happen in a single day. Now, that doesn’t count researching windows, planning for the installation, and other factors that can impact your window installation.

For instance, if a window is a large, sweeping panel, it will take much longer to replace than a standard window.

Another factor is if your windows are customized or not. Most windows will take about 4-6 weeks to order and have manufactured. Windows that have special customizations will take longer.

Then you have to schedule the installation. That largely depends on the installation company that you use and their schedule.

A busy company books weeks in advance, so that adds to the time to install. Other companies can fit your window installation project within a few days.

For the entire process to install windows, you can expect that it will take 2-4 months.

The Window Replacement Process

What does the process to install windows look like? It starts off with your need for new windows. You should know why it’s time to replace the windows in your home and what you want the end result to be.

The most common reasons are window leaks and energy efficiency improvements. You’ll want to take the time to research different types of replacement windows.

Types of Replacement Windows

You’ll compare different types of window frames. Wood is a standard choice, but it doesn’t work in wet climates because the wood can deteriorate quickly.

Vinyl windows are commonplace because they can withstand almost any type of weather. They’re also cost-effective.

Once you know the frame, you can look at the form of the windows. How do you want the windows to function in your home? It’s a great decision to go with double-hung windows.

For some rooms in your home that have great views, you can have a picture window. Another option is a casement window that uses cranks to operate.

In the end, you want to have a consistent look throughout the home

Comparing Glass Types

For optimal energy efficiency, you have to have the right window glass. Single pane windows are windows with one pane of glass. These windows are inexpensive, but you will pay more in energy bills in the long run.

Double pane windows have two panes of glass, with a layer of gas in between the panes. This layer provides insulation to slow air leakage. They’re more expensive to install, but they will lower your energy bills.

Finding a Window Installer

Once you have an idea as to the types of windows you want to have installed, you need to hire a window replacement company.

Can you DIY the project? You should, but it’s not recommended. Window installations have to be exact, right down to the millimeter.

If you decide to do the project on your own, you could install the windows in a way that causes more air to escape, defeating the purpose of the window replacement project.

How can you find the right window installer? Start by checking with people within your network for recommendations.

You can look them up online to see that they’re licensed and insured. You can also look at their respective websites to learn more about their services and read testimonials for customers.

Getting Estimates and a Timeline

You should settle on 2-3 companies and invite each one to come to your home and give an estimate. Ask them about a timeline for each step in the process – from placing the order to installation.

A written estimate of the cost to replace windows is essential to have. Don’t rely on someone’s word, because that leaves the door open for a very expensive installation.

Once you decide on an installer, they’ll go ahead and place the window order. Again, expect it to take several weeks for the windows to be delivered to the installer.

Prepare for the Window Replacement

You’ll get a call from the window installer once the windows are delivered. They’ll schedule the installation date, which means that you need to prepare for installation day.

You’ll need to do things like remove window treatments like blinds and curtains before the window installers arrive. It’s important to turn off your security system and remove any sensors around the windows.

Give installers room to move by removing furniture and anything else near the windows. This helps the installers work faster.

Remember that when they replace windows, your walls will be impacted. Remove any pictures and wall-hangings to prevent breakage.

Finally, protect your floors by putting down drop cloths on your floors. Your installers will be as careful as they can, but window replacements can cause a lot of debris to fall.

Update Your Windows Right Now

It’s time to lower your energy bills and invest in a window replacement project. How long does it take to replace windows?

It depends on several things. The number of windows to be replaced, the types of windows, the material around the windows, and the installation company all play a role. You do need to know that it’ll take a couple of months.

You can get them installed before the coldest months. That lets you reap the benefits now and have an energy-efficient summer.

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