How to cut 2x4 with circular saw

November 25, 2020


Most beginners make use of a jigsaw to cut a 2x4. They can sometimes do it manually. However, this might make it a bit slow. The solution to this is a circular saw although it is louder than other saws. It is also powerful. This takes us to the issue of cutting a 2x4 using this kind of saw. Be careful not to get an uneven cut by struggling to control it.

How to cut 2x4 with circular saw

Ensure that the blades are working properly. Otherwise, it will result in a very poor cut. The lower blade is supposed to snap back when it is released. It should also retract into position without any problem.

Charge the saw’s battery into full capacity before you start your work. This is when you have a cordless circular saw. It will be so disappointing to have your battery charge run out. This will even make your cut incomplete. Unplug your saw and remove the battery before you check the blade. After the blade is undone, look at the teeth for there could be a crack or chip. You will need to replace the blade if it is badly damaged.

Setting the Blade

Do not imagine setting the blade deeply for no good reason. This will pose some dangerous risks such as the saw sticking while cutting and terrible kickbacks. If it is set more deeply, it will be exposed unnecessarily. You will still get the right cut even if the blade is not exposed that much.

So, how do you select the correct blade depth?

The blade guard should be retracted after the saw is unplugged. You now need to have it held against a 2x4 to adjust the depth of the blade. It should expose ¼ inch at the bottom of the 2x4.ensure it is not beyond ½ inch at the bottom. All you need to do is to have the blade tightened.

Supporting the Wood

A starter will in most cases their wood supported on its ends. It is secure that way but as you approach the end, cutting becomes problematic. It will make the whole board to bend. The saw will start buckling as you do the cutting. You will not be able to control it either.

Support should only be done on one side. It will ensure that the piece which is cut off falls securely. The 2x4 should be rested on a sawhorse. That piece that you wish to cut should hang securely from a sawhorse. To avoid splintering of wood, you will either hold it by your hand or use a clamp on it. This will assure you of a steady cut and minimizes the chances of getting injured. As a result, your saw will only be in contact with only the wood that is being cut.

Cutting Straight

Since the 2x4 is thick, and the saw speed is quite high, cutting straight can sometimes be tricky. There are a number of things that you are required to do in order to maintain a straight cut.

The first technique needs carpentry expertise. This carpentry skill can be applied to almost all jobs that involve cutting. You are probably going to stop working if the blade begins to veer away from the central area. There is no need of making a terrible and rugged cutting. At this point, the saw should be turned off and give a minute for the blade to calm and stop the rotation.

Get the saw from the wood and do realignment in the right direction.

Do not bring your saw back on track while it is veering because this will just injure you. It will also make your work difficult to manage. It will be difficult for you to re-sight the line and to begin again. Keep practicing and things will go just as they should.

A speed square will be a good tool to use in this case. In order to make a straight line on the 2x4, you need to use a miter, protractor, and a try square. These tools can also come in handy when you are doing a cross-cut.

To create a perfect straight line, you will hold the fence of a speed square towards the edge of your 2x4. Direct your circular saw along the speed square so that you may achieve a straight line.

Tips and precautions while cutting a 2×4 with a circular saw

It will be difficult for you to cut a 2x4 using a circular saw at first especially if you have never used powerful saws like this one. The following are precautionary measures you need to follow to make your work easier and safe:

  • Avoid kick-backs by ensuring that you have set the recommended blade depth. This will keep you away from unnecessary injuries.
  • Start afresh if you have digressed from the right direction of cutting. This will keep the blade momentum maintained.
  • You need to secure one side of the board that you are cutting. Holding both sides will only make the board to bend and make the saw to stick inside. You probably do not want to lose control.
  • It is very dangerous to wear dangling ornaments or loose clothes. Avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Hold your saw until you finish cutting. If you let go before the cut is over, you are more likely to get injured. Remember that safety is paramount.
  • The final product from your cutting should be free from cut marks. Ensure you cut through the rough part of the wood all the time.


I am sure that you are now informed on how to cut a 2x4 using a circular saw. You may have found out that a handsaw and jigsaw are more difficult to use than a circular saw. Keep practicing and you will perfect it. Always keep cutting on a straight line. Above all, safety is paramount you can learn more at The ToolsPick Blog.


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