How To Reduce the Risk of Construction Site Eye Injuries

November 17, 2020

Eye injuries are unfortunately common construction site occurrences. Lack of safety gear, improper tool use and other factors can increase the risk of serious eye injury. Protect yourself and others at your construction site with prescription safety glasses and these safety steps.

Review Workplace Before Starting a Project

Many injuries can be avoided by preparing a workplace before starting a project. Take a few minutes to inspect the area you’re going to be working. Look for loose items on the ground, damaged tools, cracked materials and other hazards. Clear your workspace of extra tools, unnecessary materials and other items that could be knocked over, tripped on or otherwise cause an injury.

Move any tripping hazards or other items that may obstruct your view and path of movement. Taking a few moments to clear and organize your work area can significantly reduce the risk of eye injuries and other incidents.

Properly Store Chemical

Spilled chemicals can damage equipment and cause injury. Always ensure that chemicals at your workplace are properly stored. Operating power tools near open containers is dangerous. Even certified safety glasses may have breathing vents that allow liquids to enter and harm your eyes.

Review your work area for nearby eye flush stations. Sawdust, chemicals and other debris can find its way around your safety glasses, so you need to know ahead of time where you can go quickly to rinse your eyes and avoid serious injury.

Wear Certified Safety Glasses

ANSI-rated safety glasses are a necessary protective item for construction workers. In addition to work gloves, steel-toe boots and a hard hat, these glasses prevent a great deal of injuries. Look for prescription safety glasses or 100% UV blocking safety glasses to see clearly and comfortably as you work at a variety of job sites.

Certified safety eyewear has the impact and shatter protection you need. Flying items sent from your tools can cause serious injury without shatterproof and impact resistant glasses. Don’t let a stray wood chip, sawdust or masonry debris come into contact with your exposed eyes or with glasses that aren’t suited for high-impact situations.

Thoroughly Wash Hands Before Touching Eyes

Another common mistake on the construction site is rubbing eyes with bare hands. If you have dry eyes or a minor irritation, your first reaction may be to rub your eyes. This exposes your eyes to all the dirt, dust, chemicals and other hazards that may be on your hands.

Use caution when touching your eyes and face while on the job site. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face to avoid foreign objects in your eyes or chemical burns on your face.

Use Proper Machine Guards

Safety glasses prevent a large amount of flying debris from coming in contact with your eyes, but continuous impacts from debris can damage your glasses. Reduce the risk of flying debris coming in contact with your safety glasses by using machine guards. Most power tools have guards, adjustable vents and other features to send flying objects in another direction. These handy features limit the amount of foreign materials that come in contact with your safety lenses.

Report any damaged or removed machine guards immediately. Don’t use a tool that doesn’t have all the relevant guards in place, or you may be exposed to unnecessary flying materials. Some machine guards also protect your hands and arms from potentially coming in contact with the blade of your tool, so it’s crucial that you never operate a tool without them.

Order Comfortable Safety Glasses

At Safety Gear Pro, we’re serious about keeping your eyes safe and your vision clear. Shop for prescription safety glasses today to find affordable, comfortable eyewear. Browse our selection of certified lenses and select your prescription to enjoy clear views of all your work projects.


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