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Ideas on how to Renovate your Home with Colourful Wallpapers

Sometimes to brighten up your home, all you need is a splash of colour. However, what if you do not want to paint your wall? You can choose the wallpaper. Yes! You read it right. Colourful wallpaper with perfect prints can enliven your space. In this blog, we will shed light on some bright and colourful wallpaper ideas to decorate and beautify your home along with its advantages and tricks to increase its lifespan.

However, before diving deep into different colourful wallpaper ideas, let us check out its benefits.

Advantages of Using Wallpaper to Renovate Your Home

  • They are easy to install.
  • If you want to enjoy a refreshing look every month, then wallpaper is the best option. It is because wallpapers are not permanent.
  • There is no need to repaint your walls.
  • It is a pocket-friendly option.
  • You can apply it quickly.
  • If you properly treat the surface of the wallpaper, then its lifespan can be 8-10 years.
  • There is a negligible chance of contamination and toxic.
  • Usually, you can find wallpaper suitable for all ages. If price is an issue, you can find inexpensive wallpaper in the UK that is quality made as well.

How to Use Wallpaper Effectively to Increase its Lifespan?

  • If you want to increase the life expectancy of the wallpaper, then you should treat the wall surface well and paint it with primer + anti-mildew paints.
  • If you are replacing the old wallpaper with a new one, then you must peel off the old wallpaper and wash off the glue.
  • If there are crack and hole in the wall, then first widen the gap. Then, fill it with mortar or insert a cardboard cover. After that, wait for some time and let the paper dry.
  • If your home has a brand-new plaster wall, then we suggest you use ready-made paper. It will easily overcome the absorbent state of the wall.

5 Colorful Wallpaper Ideas

  1. Geometric Wallpaper

If you want to set up a cherry tone in your high-energy breakfast corner, then you can try installing a geometric wallpaper. As you can see in this picture, crisp white walls and furniture is giving a refreshing look. And, a round table and curved style chairs are echoing the wallpaper pattern.

  1. Bold Stripe Wallpaper

Featuring next on the list is bold stripe wallpaper. If you want to convert your kid’s room into a teenager’s space without much investment, then you can do it by using bold stripe wallpaper. As shown in the picture, you can install the bold stripe wallpaper on an unexpected wall, and you are all set to take your kid’s room to a teenager” s place.

  1. Candy-Coloured Polka Dots Wallpaper

Coming up next on the list is polka dots wallpaper. Do you want to give your kid’s room an upbeat feeling that does not overwhelm? If yes, you can use a candy-coloured polka-dots wallpaper surrounded by plenty of white space.

  1. Rainbow-Hued World Map Wallpaper

The next on the list is rainbow-hued world map wallpaper for your home office. It is inspiring watercolour rainbow world map wallpaper which is best suited to feeling as you are stuck at your home office desk. If you want to install this wallpaper, then keep your walls and flooring white. It will create a shiny blank canvas effect for the wallpaper. Sounds great! Isn’t it?

  1. Greenery-Inspired Wallpaper

Last but not least is the greenery wallpaper. If you want to give your kitchen (dining area) a nature-inspired look, then you can install this kind of amazing leafy wallpaper. If you have this type of wallpaper in a kitchen, then you will love walking into a kitchen, leaving all the visual noise behind you.

Closing Up

In a nutshell, decorating with colourful wallpapers can instantaneously boost the mood of any room. So, if you are tired of the look of your home and that flat emotion, then picking a bright wallpaper is the best affordable solution for you.

If you are unsure which wallpaper can be perfect for your home; then the above-listed options can help you out in narrowing down your search. Therefore, step outside of your comfort zone by using wallpaper and give your place a striking new look.


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