Modern Home Office Ideas: 6 Tips

November 11, 2020

Modern Home Office Ideas

More and more companies are opting for ‘work from home’ (WFH) solution due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting frequent lockdowns. Consequently, the idea of creating a productive and comfy home office is becoming increasingly popular among people who have been working from home. Many people consider ‘Work from Home’ actually a better option since it saves them money on gas and meals. For others, it means comfortable clothes, and freedom to customize their work station, etc. Read more on modern home office ideas.

Modern Home Office Ideas: 6 Tips

While it may look like fun to work from home, it can become quite a challenge if you don’t find yourself a dedicated workspace. A home office should maximize your productivity while providing you the comfort you need to complete your goals. It is also necessary to rid your workspace of any potential distractions. If you are looking for ideas to create a comfy and productive home office, there are ways to do that. Here are 6 easy ways to do that.

#1. Install a Speedy Internet Service

The first thing to consider while working remotely is investing in a good internet connection. While working from home, I too, explored many internet packages including Spectrum internet bundle specials. It does not matter whether you are a coder, a teacher, a content-writer, or even a CEO, having a fast internet connection will boost up your productivity. Whereas, a slow speed Wi-Fi connection will disrupt your workflow in a heartbeat. In addition to a faster Wi-Fi connection, ensure that your router is placed at a central location off the ground.

#2. Invest in Good Furniture

It becomes nearly impossible to stay focused or work at all when your eyes are strained and your back is aching. Since you have decided to build yourself a home office, it is best to buy a comfy chair and desk that can help you sit in an ergonomically correct posture. Once you take care of comfort, productivity will follow.

#3. Select the Right Computer Accessories

Getting yourself the right computing accessories will go a long way. Buying a keyboard with softer keys can play a vital role in improving your comfort and productivity. Try using a mechanical keyboard. You might find them to be noisy, but they provide excellent typing comfort. As far as the mouse is concerned, always pick a mouse that fits well in your palm. Another thing to consider is purchasing an anti-glare screen. Your eyes will thank you for this because such screens greatly reduce the strain on your eyes and if you are already experiencing eye problems, get them tested. You may need to use lenses such as the dailies toric comfort lenses.

#4. Manage Wires and Declutter

Another way to boost productivity in your home office is by ensuring good wire management. Not only it gives the office an organized and clean look, but it also reduces the chances of you tripping over and hurting yourself. An easy way to manage wires is by using zip ties or some clamps.

Decluttering the mess in your office enables you to get rid of all unnecessary things both from your mind and from your sight. Getting into the habit of removing unwanted papers, books, files, cups or other knickknacks can improve your work efficiency.

#5. Decorate your Workspace with Green Plants

Getting a couple of green plants will liven up your workspace and bring a breeze of joy whenever you look at them. Having a garden office reduces your stress levels and boost your efficiency. It is better to get something that requires low maintenance yet is highly beneficial in improving air quality. For example, plants such as dracaena, ficus, spider plant, and Boston fern all have excellent air filtering qualities.

#6. Choose an Area with Proper Lighting

For a home office, choosing an area that gets plenty of natural light can help you in several ways. Not only it reduces your power bills, but it also lessens your eye strain and aids in relaxing your muscles. Try finding a well-lit and secluded area with less house traffic. Those who do not have the luxury of finding such spots should spend their energy on creating an office with decent lighting. Placing a study lamp over your work area can be a cheaper solution. This prevents eye strain, glare, and reflection issues.

Bonus Tips: Modern Home Office Ideas

Apart from the ideas discussed above, here are a few bonus tips to ease your work. To increase your productivity, try making lists of tasks and goals daily. After you are done with a task, cross them off. It will help boost your sense of achievement. Every 20 minutes, you should look away from your screen at a spot that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This will help your eyes relax.

Modern Home Office Ideas

Most businesses such as Spectrum Customer Service now use time-management tools to keep track of their employees’ productivity and time management. Thinking that you can work at your own discretion may cause you more harm than good. Therefore, it is best to follow your office routine for maximum productivity. I hope you enjoyed reading more on modern home office ideas. See more on Urban Splatter.




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