Sims 3 Family Houses to Create for Yourself

November 24, 2020


This 10 bedroom, 6 bathroom house is perfect for your large sim family. There is a full gym above the garage. The basement is completed with 4 empty rooms for storage or extra children. This house is honestly one of my favorites, I promise you wont regret this one! Check out the Sims 3 Family Houses.

By far my favorite expansion pack is The Sims 3 World Adventures! How about you?


All of the houses above are available to download for free from my Sims 3 Studio.

We hope you liked the Sims 3 Family Houses. Read more… Modern House Designs That Are Trending This Year. Read more articles like this one on the frontpage. We have Sims posts and even posts on celebrity homes and much more.

Check out our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on our front page. Please let us know which types of Sims houses you like to see on the site. We will create new ones that you can build for yourself. Also, leave your cool looking homes on Facebook and Twitter and we may showcase it on our site.

JJ Sterling
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