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The Advantages of LED Hospital Lighting

Proper lighting plays a critical role when it comes to hospitals because doctors need the right amount of light for performing critical operations. Even post-operative patient care needs sufficient light not just for medical reasons but for giving patients the feel-good factor.

Given the size and the demand for lighting in hospitals, it pushes up hospital electricity and maintenance bills. With LED technology transforming lighting in all segments, hospitals have also switched to LED lights to save on electricity costs and pay more attention to patients.

Let’s find out how energy-efficient LED lights are changing patient care.

Benefits of LED Hospital Lighting

Here are the advantages of LED lights for hospitals:

Circadian Rhythm:

Human Centric Lighting has a large impact on the human body. It is the bringing of natural changes in light intensity and colour temperature indoors by using artificial light to imitate natural light. The correlated colour temperature or CCT represents the different shades of LED lights. The body adapts quickly to natural light and artificial lights disrupt this rhythm. With the eye-friendly and glare-free LED lights, the patient can sleep well and avoid any illnesses due to sleeping disorders.

Crompton has ceiling lights available in 6 different colours that provide cool white light that reduces depression, decreases fatigue, and improves alertness. It has the same effect as daylight that comes through the windows.

The hallways, nurse stations, and operating rooms use LED panel lights like Star-Lord that help the hospital staff, especially night-shift workers, feel more energetic and alert.

Reduces Health Risk

Lights that contain mercury or emit UV rays like fluorescent lights cause harm to patients and hospital staff. Some benefits of LED lights are that they have zero mercury and contain no UV or IR rays.

Mercury is harmful to the skin, and UV rays are harmful to both the eyes and the skin. In extreme cases, fluorescent lights may cause cancer and premature aging. Unlike fluorescent lights that flicker and emit colour spikes causing dizziness and headaches, LED lights to ensure glare-free distribution and better light spread.

The smart and sleek Crompton LED panel has a space-saving design and requires no extra wiring. With three built-in colour options, these lights give you smooth light distribution. The milky-frosted diffuser makes sure that your eyes are protected.

The LED panel is completely safe designed according to BIS safety standards having surge protection of 2.5 kV.

Accurate Colours for Proper Diagnosis

Hospitals need to see the accurate colour of skin or blood since any inaccuracy would lead to a wrong diagnosis or inability to check for signs of jaundice or infection. With high CRI or colour rendering indexes, LED lights to ensure that the exact colour is seen.

The CRI for fluorescent lights is in the low 60s and LED lights have a CRI greater than 90. These lights help in preventing medication errors, minimize readmissions, and identify reactions.

Easy to Control

With varying colour temperatures, LED lights are perfect for patients in CT scan rooms or MRI since it helps them to relax or focus. Some LED lights are dimmable that makes them the right choice for hospitals and patients. Lights can be adjusted according to the time of the day and help with the patient’s sleep and mood.

LED lights have occupancy sensors that automatically switch off when the room is empty. Along with this, the energy-efficient LED lights to save more than 85% energy compared to incandescent lamps.

Longer Lifespan

With a lifespan of 15 years, LED lights last much longer compared to fluorescent lights or CFLs. Longer life means lesser hassles with replacement and lower downtime. When bulbs burn out, there is a delay in patient diagnosis, loss of productivity, and extra payments to doctors.

High-Quality Patient Care with LED Lights

Hospitals can provide the best patient care with LED lights. They ensure that the hospital staff performs at their optimal level and the patients are in the right mood needed for timely healing.

Install LED lights today and give your hospital the edge.




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