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The Importance Of Retirement Village Landscape Maintenance

Living within a retirement community is now one of Australia’s best options for elderly residential housing. Although those who are considered capable of generally looking after themselves live in said villages, there are still a few chores that require assistance from carers. This is especially true when it comes to retirement village landscape maintenance.


Below are reasons why aged care landscaping is important for the overall well-being of elderly residents.

Top 3 Benefits

1. Safety

Before anything else, the priority of landscape maintenance, and any other on-site maintenance for that matter, is the safety of the elderly residents themselves.


According to studies, about 85% of elderly people who live in retirement homes and/or villages suffer from mild to severe lower extremity problems. In addition to this, 50% of that number have poor balance, while around 25% utilize walking aids.


This is why outdoor walkways on gardens and yards must be given much attention, not only for their aesthetic but for their function. Non Slip stepping stones for paths are an excellent choice to ensure that residents can walk on with little to no risks of slipping.

2. Socialization

Maintaining social interactions and relationships is another factor to uphold in retirement communities. Socializing can elevate the mood of elderly residents. Above all, socializing affects their quality of living as well.


Through retirement village landscape maintenance, seniors will have beautiful areas to build new friendships and foster existing ones within the community. A well-groomed yard that doesn’t have unnecessarily towering greenery is an invitation for creating “communication spaces” in a most natural manner.

3. Locomotion

The lack of activity areas in a senior-populated neighborhood will negatively impact the residents’ physical conditions in the long-run. Since intense physical activities will prove difficult to carry out the older one gets, less intense tasks such as light horticulture is recommended.


Of course, that’s not to say that the residents themselves are to take charge of garden and grounds maintenance. Not at all. Hiring professionals to execute this is wisest.


Going back to the topic of light horticulture, simple gardening can help ease joint pain and muscle stiffness. Only, always remember that this should be done with the assistance of landscape maintenance experts.

Additional Advantages

Anxiety Reduction

Whether it’s heath precincts landscape maintenance, nursing home landscape maintenance, and the like, Mother Nature herself surprisingly plays a major role in anxiety reduction. There are numerous pieces of evidence regarding how being surrounded by plant life increases feelings of happiness and calm.


Seeing natural light at a comfortable degree sends neurotransmitters good signals. Thus, the nervous system releases serotonin, often referred to as the “happy hormone”.

Better Sleep

It isn’t that greenery in itself brings better sleep per se. It’s that regularly being in the midst of nature will bring about restorative effects in seniors. Stress will remain low. Low stress equals low cortisol levels. And the latter is the perfect recipe for uninterrupted sleep at night.

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