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The Top 5 Trends In Interior Window Design

Interior design trends change almost yearly, this is especially true now that people want to keep up with the latest trends that they are seeing on the internet and on social media. It makes sense that people enjoy spending the time, energy, and money to make the interior of their home attractive as this is one of the places that they spend most of their time. From furniture to flooring and wall color, people go above and beyond to make their home as attractive as possible.

One aspect of the home that is crucial to interior design is the windows. Windows not only dictate how much light a room gets, but they also can become a focal point of a space and can make or break the overall aesthetic of that space. As interior design trends are evolving, so are window trends. How so? This post will detail the top 5 trends in window design to consider incorporating into your next room design.

Popular Window Trends

If you are thinking about redesigning a space, it’s important you make it a point to think about the windows and how they will work in a space. You want to choose a window design that makes sense in the given room. For example, if you are designing your kitchen, you should choose a classic window design such as slider or awning windows, rather than an industrial design. An industrial window design is not only impractical, it will also not make sense for the kind of room in which they are in. Slide and awning windows would make sense in the kitchen as they allow easy ventilation and can be dressed up with attractive curtains. With that being said, here are some popular window trends to consider.

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are windows with built-in blinds. The blinds are situated in between two pieces of glass, however, they are controlled on the outside of the window. Integral blinds are a great option for homes that have children or pets as they will not be able to damage them since they are behind glass.

Integral blinds are a great option for almost any room as they are very basic. These kinds of blinds come in a variety of colors and pair nicely with drapes.

Window Walls

Window walls are exactly what they sound like; they are walls made of windows. If you are completely redesigning a room or putting an addition onto your home, consider adding window walls. This popular window design is great for homes that sit on a large and scenic piece of land. Many people choose to add window walls to their family rooms, offices, or living rooms.

Black Frames

Black frames are a chic and luxurious trend in window design to add to your interior. Instead of the classic white or neutral frames, paint them black. Black frames can automatically enhance the aesthetic of a space; they also lend themselves nicely to be matched with decor and furniture. Consider painting the window frames in your office black and adding black leather furniture and dark-colored wall art.

Bay Windows

These kinds of windows are typically seen on beach or lake houses; thus earning them their name. However, in recent years people have been adding these beautiful windows to their suburban homes, making their interior and exterior look authentic. Bay windows are ideal for the front of the house as they offer exterior aesthetic benefits as well as interior ones. Bay windows can be designed large enough to have a built-in seat on the inside so that you can cuddle up with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy your landscape.

Roof Window

Roof windows also referred to as skylights, are windows in the roof that allow sunlight to come through the ceiling. Roof windows are a great kind of window to add to a family room, dining room, or any other kind of window that gets a lot of traffic.

Roof windows come in various sizes, so if you are thinking about getting a roof window, be sure to choose one that makes sense for the space of your room.

Incorporate a New Window Trend in Your Next Room Remodel

As you plan your next room redesign, keep these window trends in mind. Be sure to spend time researching the trend you like the most so that you can find the style that is ideal for your unique space. Likewise, find a window company that will offer you the best price and the best service. Spend time reading reviews online and asking friends and family for referrals to further ensure that you are getting the window you have in mind.



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