Using Clever Design to Make Rooms Feel Bigger

November 4, 2020

Homes are gradually becoming smaller as the world population grows and the density of popular towns and cities increases. This has resulted in less space for each individual and a need to fit a greater number of homes in the same space that would have accommodated half the number of people a hundred years ago. Larger bedrooms are being traded for a greater number of bedrooms and spacious buildings of two floors are gradually becoming tall and slim three-story properties in a bid to maximise the available land footprint.

While we have little control over the construction of your home or potential property unless you are building it yourself, there is plenty of options to make it your own and make your property feel more spacious. From a partial rebuild to an extension; but if your budget doesn’t allow for such investment, here are some clever interior design tricks that can transform a seemingly small and dark property into one full of light that feels open and spacious.

Roomy Kitchens

Kitchens can be a tricky room to balance when dealing with a small space. Kitchen cupboards are a necessity and space can soon feel like a premium. Reducing the clutter and swapping out deep cupboards for full-wall open shelving units that utilise the available space from floor to ceiling can help create an open feel. Swapping dark cupboard facias for light-wood or giving a couple of coats of light-coloured paint can also make a huge difference without a big cost. Light coloured wall-paint, ceiling and flooring will also greatly contribute to making a small space feel larger than it is.

If everything you have tried in your kitchen doesn’t seem to be making a difference but you can’t afford a kitchen overhaul; consider reaching out to a professional bespoke kitchen design service. You don’t have to invest in a full-kitchen refit but for a smaller fee, their experience can help you plan an effective redesign that will brighten up your kitchen space.

Luxury Lounges

Everyone wishes they could turn their cosy living room into a luxury lounge and family room where everyone can sit together and enjoy the evening together. While we haven’t got a secret to unlocking more floor space, you can use a couple of specific design pieces to expand the feel of your lounge and help create the feel of spacious sitting space. Mirrors are the quickest method of creating the illusion of space and a large mirror installed opposite a window will flood the room with natural light. Glass furniture and feature pieces can also be a great way to create the feeling as space as they don’t block your visuals through a room.

Utilise that floor to ceiling space! Regardless of the height of your rooms, using floor to ceiling shelving units, bookcases or display cabinets can create a fantastic illusion of space in a room.

For the Love of Colour

Feature walls, wow pieces and head-turning furniture. It all sounds good in practice but might be something to aspire towards as in a small property, choosing similar colours for your walls and furniture is the best way to create the feel of space. If you do want to use a flash of colour in a room, paint the ceiling in a bright, saturated colour which draws the eyes up and leave the walls a bright off-white or soft grey.

Anything you add to the room in terms of decorative items including books, frames, curtains and soft furnishings should match the main light shade you use for the walls. This will keep the colour palette consistent and help create the feel of a much larger space.

Small properties don’t have to be dark, dingy and somewhere to avoid. With a little colour theory and careful choosing of your decorative items and furniture pieces, you can create a cosy corner of your own that you will be eager to share with your friends and family.

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