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Venice Biennale of Architecture Pavilions From Every Country

This is a special Guide: you will find detailed information of the history and monuments of Venice, and useful information about the events and shows that take place in this city. It is, therefore, both a GUIDE and a MAGAZINE. Thanks to the new electronic formats, that can be updated real-time, you’ll always know what’s going on in Venice: EXHIBITIONS, CONCERTS, CONGRESSES, THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES, SPORT OR CONTEMPORARY ART EVENTS and much more. Every time an update is available, you will be informed through a simple newsletter. In this way you’ll know when the events that interest you most take place and may choose the best time to spend a holiday in Venice accordingly. You can download this guide freely from the web-site The words in red can be clicked This Guide is free because it is a project wanted and realized by the hotels, restaurants and shops of Venice that feature in it. Our purpose is to let you know, in the most simple and immediate way, the history, culture, products and services of this magical city so that you can make the utmost of your holiday and appreciate all the originality of Venice. Who more than a Venetian can make you discover the beauty and the peculiarities of Venice, and all that makes it so unique? Enjoy your reading and welcome to Venice…..

Editorial office:

Tania Danieli

Photos by Justin Ankus

I have also written a post that focuses more on the transportation systems of Venice.


If you are planning to go to Venice, go straight to the Hotel section and check the room fares that suit you best. Venice includes two main areas: the island and the mainland. On the island you can either walk or use water buses (vaporetto). In this area hotels are placed in the old city centre so you can enjoy the real Venetian life. Alternatively, you can stay on the mainland (Mestre or neighbouring villages) and reach Venice in about 10-15 minutes. Winters are mild (6° C) and summers hot (29° C). Clearly, given the nature of the city itself, it is quite damp. High tides only occur in autumn and winter.

If you are looking for a hotel in Venice we suggest a choice between those who have

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Hotel Duodo Palace ****


Hotel Anastasia ***

Hotel Ariston***

Hotel Centrale***

Hotel Commercio e Pellegrino***

Hotel Da Vito***

Hotel Eden***

Hotel Alle Guglie***

Hotel Piave***

Hotel Villa Adele***


Hotel Santa Lucia*


Locanda al Leon***

Locanda Formosa

Locanda La Corte***

Locanda Le Vele First Class Inn

Locanda San Marcuola***


Appartamenti Bianco Holidays

Flats in Venice


Bed And Breakfast Al Teatro

Public Routes in Venice Mobility in Venice – a lagoon island city shaped like a big fish – has two transport system: the first is waterborne, consisting of canali, or canals, and rii, the larger water courses;the second is pedestrian, and consist of calli (alleys), ponti (bridges), campi (square), salizzade (main pedestrian streets), rughe (small long alleys), fondamenta and rive (canal – and wharfside paths). The separation of these two networks is closedy connected to the special type of urban morphology, made up as it is of a series of waterborne services that can be broadly divided into the three main types.

See My Photos from the Venice Biennale of Architecture Below

The Swamp School 

The Swamp Pavilion is a networked effort in creating new imaginary hybrid space for exercises in architectural and artistic practices, theory and pedagogy through various forms and formats of public interventions, field trips, workshops, lectures, discussions, chat channels and printed publications.

The Swamp School houses Lithuania’s pavilion. They were using biomimicry to extract audio and electrical charges from plant and moss life and it played live in the exhibit!

Read more about Lithuania’s Swamp School Pavilion here.

Poland’s Pavilion

The United State’s Pavilion

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.


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