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Why Do Concrete Driveways Need to be Sealed?

Do you have a concrete driveway in your home? Then you should maintain and protect the driveway from damage such as water penetration. Remember this is an investment, and taking care of it should be essential as it will make it last for long and look new always. Sealing is necessary for making your concrete driveway durable.

But for your information, most homeowners don’t seal their concrete driveways, leading to wearing out after a few years. In this article, you will know why it’s essential to seal your driveway.

Importance of Hiring an Expert to Seal your Concrete Driveway

Even though you can apply the sealer by yourself, it is recommended that you hire an expert. Professionals come equipped with all the necessary tools and have the expertise to ensure that the process is done well. Concrete sealing Gold Coast is an expert that you should consider when looking for sealing services.

Reasons you Should Seal your Concrete Driveway

  1. Prevents Cracking Due to Water Absorption

If you have never sealed your concrete driveway, you will realize that it has cracks. The leading cause of cracking, spalling, or pitting is water absorbed by the concrete surface. Gaps will make the driveways look bad and make you think you are removing the driveway and building another driveway using concrete.

Even if you do so, you won’t be solving the problem if you don’t apply a sealer on the driveway. For your information, the sealer creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface to prevent water absorption. This will make your driveway good-looking always for many years, and you will require minimal maintenance.

  1. Protects Against Stain

When your driveway is stained, it makes it have a depraved appearance. This will make you uncomfortable when you look at it when entering or getting out of your garage or carports.

In most instances’ driveway stains are due to oil spillage from cars, tire tracks, or other factors such as mud, pet urine, or leaves. When these causes stain your concrete driveway, it becomes challenging to get them out. You may use chemical or pressure wash, but that won’t remove the stains altogether.

The only foolproof method to protect the driveway from stains is by using a sealer. It will prevent stains from sticking and becoming hard to clean. If you seal your driveway, you will never experience stain problems on your driveway.

  1. Reduces the Chance of Freeze-thaw Damage

Freeze-thaw damage is another factor that you need to prevent your concrete driveway. When the driveway has a small crack, water will get into the gap. At night if the temperature drops below the freezing point, the water turns to ice, and the cracks become bigger. The next morning the ice will turn into water, and the process repeats itself.

If you don’t take note early after a week, you will notice a big crack on your concrete driveway, which will be unrepairable. But when you use a sealer, you will see no gaps, and water won’t penetrate and freeze, causing damage to your driveway.

The sealer will prevent freeze-thaw damage, ensuring that your concrete driveway becomes durable.

  1. Averts Growth of Mold and Algae

Molds and algae grow on concrete surfaces when it is damp. This won’t be any different if your driveway made of concrete is moist. Unlike the previous factors that cause severe damage to your driveway, mold and algae don’t cause structural damage.

That doesn’t mean they are not harmful. No, they will discolor the driveway permanently, making it have a depraved appearance. This will make you feel about rebuilding your driveway, but that will be expensive.

Additionally, mold and algae will make the driveway’s surface slippery, and it will be challenging to get in or out of your garage. The solution that will avert this issue is by the use of a sealer on the concrete driveway.

The sealer will prevent the driveway’s surface from being damp, thus inhibiting mold and algae growth.

  1. Stops Ultraviolet Rays from Causing Fading and Decolorization

Also referred to as UV damage, this is the fading or decolorization of your concrete driveway. When you have built your driveway using concrete, it cures sunlight and fades or discolor it, making it not look good.

But you can prevent this from happening by using a sealer. This will maintain the driveway’s shiny or rich color for a long time. Applying a sealer is similar to the use of sunscreen or car waxing. It prevents the UV rays from decolorizing your driveways.

  1. Prevents Abrasion of Concrete

Concrete surface abrasion is caused due to friction, impact, and other mechanical degradations. When this happens on your driveway, it tends to lead to the loss of concrete. Other factors that may lead to concrete abrasion is the strength of concrete used, proper curing procedure, water to cement ratio, and finishing process.

However, if you did all things well, you need to apply a sealer on your driveway to prevent abrasion. Remember, abrasion may destroy the driveway.

  1. Increases the Driveway’s Shelf Life

When you use a sealer on your concrete driveway, it will prevent the above effects from happening. That way, you will not have to rebuild your driveway after a few years regularly. All you will require is to apply a sealer after a few years. According to, you will be using the sealer after 30 years. Therefore, please don’t take a sealer for granted as it will save on the cost of maintaining.

How Do you Seal A Concrete Driveway?

Do you want to seal your concrete driveway alone? Then you need to know about how it is done. When you don’t perform it correctly, you will waste the sealer and time and won’t prevent the above factors from happening.

So, here are steps to follow when applying a sealer.

  • Thoroughly clean your concrete driveway
  • Select the best concrete sealer
  • Use a brush, roll, or spray the sealer on the driveway
  • Leave the sealer to cure and dry (preferably 24 hours)


A concrete driveway is an investment you should take care of as it will serve you for years. By applying a sealer, it will last for long, and you will require little maintenance. Therefore, use a sealer to prevent the above occurrences from happening.



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