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Working and Application of Stability Chambers

Stability chambers include essential testing tools to evaluate the effects made on chemical and biological samples by specific temperatures and humidity to fix their features, specs and attributes. Majorly used in pharmaceuticals, plastic and rubber industries, these chambers study how high and low temperature conditions and different relative humidity levels can impact the behavior of components and alter them. Testing is permitted under dynamic as well as static conditions. These chambers in the medical industry are used to assess the impact of high humidity on the efficiency of different drugs and medicine.

The working of stability chambers

As per the law of Physics, the higher the temperature of the chamber, the more the air has the ability to retain moisture at that specific temperature. Relative humidity means the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air to the amount of moisture which the air has the potential to hold. In simple terms, it means that relative humidity can get affected due to the change in the ambient temperature.

Hence, the working principle of a stability chamber depends on its capability to maintain a specific temperature and thereby maintain a stable relative humidity value. These chambers are suitable to store biological samples and cytological specimens. They are also used to test the acceleration and deceleration of medically active substances.

Features and applications

Stability chambers are majorly used by drug and medical companies. They can also be used in research institutions and hospitals. They are essentially used to test large size tool and production sample where you need to monitor and control temperature and humidity. A team of skilled professionals design the stability chambers to meet the requirements of the clients.

Advantages of stability chambers

The manufacturers of stability chamber India install the device with several unique features that make the chamber capable to keep the temperature low in them. If a researcher wants to keep something cold, he can use the chamber. The plants, living cells, and medicines are tested for the lowest temperature. These researches are done to know whether the material can sustain at the particular temperature or not.

Stability chamber is simple to function and can be run by a novice too. They offer a uniform temperature all across the chamber and irrespective of what you place in it, the temperature will reach it.

Why OS World?

The simple answer to this question is the quality of the product offered by them. The company aims to offer its clients with top notch quality products. They take a step future to offer their clients with the best in class items. They value their clients and aim to meet and satisfy their requirements. OS World are the best stability chamber India manufacturers and you can expect quality products from them.

Their stability chamber is vertical with a front opening and the best thing is that it fully assembled. All you need to do is plug it and it will start to function. It meets the USFDA norms as well as ICH requirements. The unit is made of long-lasting dual wall polyurethane insulation. What makes this stability chamber the best in its class is that temperature range of this unit. It ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. Its accuracy is ±1C and its temperature uniformity is ±2C. It has an exceptional humidity range of 20% to 90% relative humidity.

So, the next time you are looking for a perfect stability chamber for your medical institution, pharmaceutical company or bio lab, you can place your order at OS World and get the best- in class product delivered.



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