3 Top Places to Source Bespoke Chandeliers and Lamps for Interior Design

December 14, 2020

Lighting styles in the Edwardian era were beautiful and innovative and influenced by continental Europe, the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements.

Edwardian light fittings were graceful using delicate metalwork to add elegance. Some of the more eye-catching Edwardian chandeliers were multi-tiered and featured colored and smoked glass. Edwardian ceiling lights had simple linear designs with scrolling arms and pretty shades. These Edwardian chandeliers look stunning in large hallways, hotel foyers and function rooms.

Fabric shades in soft colors with decorative frills and tassels would have been used on Edwardian table lamps and standard lamps as well as on ceiling and wall lights.

Gilded light fittings were popular and often used for ceiling lights and wall lights, and for lighting Edwardian bathrooms.

Handmade Tiffany table lights were popular and these featured stained colored glass in an array of beautiful colors and floral designs.

Bronze metal table lamps featuring reclining female figures were popularly used for additional lighting.

Bespoke Lights bring you a stunning The lighting of the Baroque period would have used metals such as antique bronzes or pewter and glass were now being used in some of the more elaborate chandeliers.

Main staircases were great features and would have warranted a luxurious chandelier suspended over the stairwell. It is lavish, elegant, ornate, rich, and romantic - above all decoration and more decoration, with lots of curves, gold swirls, and swags being typical.

Bespoke Lights bring you quality Baroque period lighting with the convenience of modern electric light. Fine Art Lamps proudly provides design, engineering, metalworking, casting, servicing, finishing, assembly and testing, shade-making, packaging, sourcing, and logistical capabilities to its customers.

The light fittings of the Regency era were simple, strongly symmetrical, and solid with gentle curves that used French, Classic Greek, and Egyptian designs and motifs.

Bespoke Lights have a wonderful collection of Art Deco lighting, so get the ‘Great Gatsby’ look and immerse yourself in a little Hollywood glamour. We have recently been working with one of our manufacturing partners to design and produce a more decorative range of emergency light fittings in the Art Deco style.

Simply click on the link below to transport you straight to our Deco style lights.

Murano Glass Chandeliers have been a staple for the upper class for centuries. This is the difference between owning a light fixture verse owning an asset as it can increase in value over time (if you have good taste).

Here is one of my favorite vintage Murano Chandeliers as it bends the light in smooth organic ways across the room.

To recreate the authentic look of Elizabethan lighting, you can contact sofary.com as they have the modern convenience of electric light, and they use dark metal fittings in antique black, cast iron, wrought iron, brass, or pewter which will create a modern and unique look.

Circular cartwheel style forged wrought iron ceiling lights can be suspended from the ceiling on metal chains.

These lights are available in a choice of sizes and are ideal for dining rooms and entrance hallways.

For smaller spaces consider using metal lanterns with a leaded glass effect and for additional tasks and background, light use candle style dark metal table lights or standard lamps.

Bespoke Lights have put together a ready-made selection of light fittings that will help you to achieve a look that is in keeping with the lighting of Elizabethan times.

Many of these period lights are made in wrought iron or cast iron and we are able to offer a bespoke service to enable our customers to have unique wrought iron lights made to their own specification.

We work closely with a small group of skilled British artisans who manufacture period lighting using traditional methods.

Art Nouveau lighting focused on quality and craftsmanship but, unlike the Arts and Crafts movement, mass production was tolerated which made items more accessible.

We work closely with a small group of skilled British artisans who manufacture period lighting using traditional methods.

Art Nouveau lights were fashionable towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. Art Nouveau ceiling lights and wall lights would have featured lightly colored or alabaster glass shades that were frequently etched in beautiful designs. Art Nouveau lighting works really well if you have vintage decorations and an Art Nouveau chandelier as a feature light in a dining room can look stunning.

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.

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