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3 Reasons why Homeowners in Surrey Need a Furnace Repair


Is the temperature in your home lower than usual? Have you noticed some strange noises originating from the furnace? If so, your heater has to be inspected by professional technicians before it completely breaks down.

Furnaces show early symptoms of malfunction by blowing insufficient hot air, producing weird noises, or refusing to turn off. All these issues have the potential of evolving into severe defects unless treated promptly. There is a wide range of furnace repair professionals, such as, specializing in the repair and service of residential heating systems.

These are the key reasons why Surrey residents need such services.

Not blowing enough hot air

Residents of Surrey require the assistance of furnace repair technicians when the units inside their houses don’t blow enough hot air. Although gas heaters are believed to produce more heat when compared to the electric models, both units should make homes feel pleasantly warm. When the unit is running but the house feels lukewarm, the drop in temperature might be caused by multiple reasons.

The most common cause is blockage of airflow, preventing hot air from traveling through the duct system and coming out of the vents. Generally, such blockage is usually caused by debris, dirt build-up, or a rodent that has found its way in the ductwork. In the event of an airflow blockage, a furnace repair professional will remove anything that blocks the ducts in order for your home to feel cozy again.

Another cause for the lack of hot air could be the blower, responsible for blowing heat out of the unit. You can check whether the blower is to blame for the issue by turning the unit off and using the fan only function on the thermostat. In the case of a faulty blower, the fan won’t start, which means you need to have it repaired or replaced. Repair technicians will immediately assess whether the malfunctioning part can be repaired or it has to be replaced with a new one.

The insufficient amount of heat might be caused by a dirty filter, impeding the flow of hot air. When the air filters of the furnace are clogged, the unit is forced to compensate for the low amount of heat by working harder than usual. Consequently, homeowners in Surrey will experience an increase in the cost of their energy bills. Since dirty filters have the power to damage the switch that controls the fan, you need to have them regularly replaced. Visit this page for some practical tips about changing a furnace filter.

The frequency of replacement of furnace air filters is mainly determined by their type. For instance, filters of one to two inches are supposed to be replaced once every three months, whereas those of four inches should be replaced twice a year. Ultimately, five-inch air filters require replacement on an annual basis.

Producing strange sounds

Furnaces are known for producing various sounds but not all of them indicate a normal function. For instance, when the unit makes a scraping noise, you might be dealing with a faulty blower wheel, which has become loose over time. In such cases, technicians will inspect the wheel and tighten it to prevent further noise.

Another strange sound to pay attention to is the screeching noise produced by the unit. This noise is either caused by problems with the motor or a malfunctioning belt. In any event, you’re advised to hire a technician to locate the source of the noise in order to take the necessary steps. In the case of a motor issue, the technician will use a lubricant, whereas malfunctioning belts are best to be replaced.

Refusing to turn off

Surrey residents might need furnace repair services when these units fail to turn off even after the thermostat reaches the chosen room temperature. Sometimes, homeowners choose the wrong settings when setting the thermostat, which is why the furnace keeps blowing. However, when the settings are adjusted correctly, you might be coping with a malfunctioning fan limit switch.

Final thoughts

Whenever you notice an issue with your heating system, ask for professional help.

Waiting too long won’t do any good to the heater!


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