4 Advantages of Solar Power for Residents of Virginia

December 9, 2020


Are you interested in using solar power for residential purposes? Using renewable energy to generate electricity is what makes solar systems appealing to homeowners around the globe. Even those dwelling in colder climates can benefit from the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly nature of this energy.

Homeowners who find the installation of photovoltaic panels too pricey are provided with a variety of government incentives, which provide tax rebates. There are numerous companies, such as Noble Solar - Virginia, that are proficient in the installation of solar panels.

These are the main advantages of using such renewable energy for Virginia residents.

Government incentives

Due to the environmentally friendly nature of solar power, governments offer various financial incentives for homeowners to encourage them to invest in a solar panel system. For instance, residents of Virginia can apply for an investment tax credit, designed to deduct as many as twenty-six percent of the system cost from the taxes. Additionally, certain states offer similar tax credits to their residents but the amount of cash rebate depends on the state.

Furthermore, cash rebates are not only provided by states but municipalities as well. It also happens for utility companies that wish to promote renewable energy to offer opportunities for cash rebates. Homeowners who cannot afford such a system shouldn’t be disheartened, as there are schemes that offer free solar panels in return for FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) payments. A company would install and maintain the panels free of charge as long as you agree to this deal.

Reduced energy bills

Another reason for Virginia residents to start using solar power is the cost reduction of their energy bills. Since photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into electricity, you’ll no longer have to use the same amount of electricity from your supplier. The savings vary across residents, based on the size and orientation of the system and the use of electricity.

Additionally, you’ll be able to increase the savings even more by selling the surplus energy, which has been generated by the system but not used. Utility bills don’t get decreased only when the weather is sunny but throughout the entire year. It doesn’t matter if the weather is cloudy, the panels are capable of generating sunlight even through clouds up to twenty-five percent of the normal production. Go here to learn how solar power cuts utility bills.

Reduced carbon footprint

Many homeowners are concerned about their carbon footprint, trying to come up with methods to protect the environment. Nevertheless, installing a solar power system can certainly help residents of Virginia to cut their carbon footprint by reducing air pollution - and many condos in the area are already employing eco-friendly systems. Photovoltaic panels use renewable energy, producing no greenhouse gases. In contrast, fossil fuels are to blame for the largest part of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Reducing water usage is another way in which renewable power works in favor of the environment. The panels use no water to produce electricity, unlike nuclear energy. Consequently, the consumption of water has reduced in multiple states, indirectly addressing the problem of water scarcity.

Moreover, the use of renewable power is considered crucial in the fight against climate change. The more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere, the greater the effect of global warming. It’s no wonder climates around the globe have experienced dramatic changes in temperatures, thus becoming warmer or cooler. Since photovoltaic panels emit no CO2 to produce energy, every homeowner using such a system plays a vital role in the fight against climate change.

Minimal maintenance costs

Another remarkable benefit of using solar power is the low-maintenance nature of these systems. In terms of parts, the inverter is the one that’s exposed to the most wear and tear, as it has to work non-stop to convert sunlight into electricity. Replacing the inverter has to be done after a maximum of ten years of use, while the entire system has a warranty of up to twenty-five years. Visit this link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_inverter, to learn about the types of PV inverters.

Regarding cleaning, photovoltaic panels need to be cleaned no more than a few times annually. You can either clean them yourself or hire professional cleaners.

Bottom line

Installing photovoltaic panels is the right decision to make.

Hesitate no longer!


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