9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter

December 9, 2020


Most people prefer hiring professional painters to paint their house. However, it is not easy to hire a professional painting contractor to consider many things. Most people don't know that painters vary in terms of qualification, service quality, and experience. Many painters working with reputed painting contractors are unlicensed, unqualified, and inexperienced.


Therefore, even if you hire a reputed painting contractor, you may not get a high-quality paint job for your property. So it becomes essential to communicate with painters and ask them questions about their qualifications, license, insurance experience, and many other things. In this post, let us explore the most important questions to ask the painters in Sydney before hiring them for your project

Ask whether they have a license.

You can find many painting contractors working without a license. Some jurisdictions require the painting companies to hold a license or register themselves as a contractor to offer painting services. Offering painting services without a license can be illegal in some states.

Are they certified?

Ask about the training and certification of the company and its employees. Also, ask about the qualifications and training held by their painters. Some companies are reputed and certified, but the painters that work for them are not much qualified and experienced.

Ask whether they have workman's compensation insurance.

Paintwork involves various risks. Therefore, you should ask the painters whether their services are insured or not. Hiring a painting contractor with insured services ensures that homeowners will not be responsible for any accidents caused while working at their home.

Ask about the experience of their Painters.

Most people ask the contractors about their experience as- how long they have been in business? However, the experience of a painting contractor or service provider is different from the experience of painters working in their company. As the painters are going to work at your home, it is essential to ask about the experience of the painters. Nobody would like to hire newbie painters to work in their home.

Do you perform preparation work?

Preparation work is extremely important in every painting project. Painters need to fill the holes and cover the bed spots before painting the walls. You should ask the painting contractor how they perform the preparation work before painting a house. Ask about all the steps they follow to perform the preparation work.

Which grade of paint do you use?


Knowing about the grade of paint is important as it determines the quality of paint. Unless you want to save a few dollars, you should never tell the contractor to use paint of their choice. You should always demand a premium grade paint as it offers a high-quality finish and lasts longer than standard grades of paint.

What about the safety of my property and belongings?

Painters need to work at your home during the project. Homeowners may not be available all the time around the painter. So you should ask them about the safety of your property and belongings. Ask the contractor about the background of their painters. Ask whether they perform a background check before hiring the painter in their company. Painters should have a clean and clear background as they will be working around your family.

Ask if they can offer you some references.

You should ask the painting contractor to provide you with references of their past customers. Contractors who work ethically and provide value to their customers will never hesitate to offer the references of their previous customers. Spray painting companies in the UK have websites where you may read customer feedback. Once they provide you the contact details of some references, you need to call them and ask about the quality of paintwork performed by the contractor.

Ask the latest trends and styles of paint.

Although you can find the latest paintwork styles online, you should ask about the trends and styles followed by the painters. You should not hire a painting service that uses outdated trends and styles in their projects. Choose the painting contractor who had knowledge of the latest trends and styles. Also, ask about the project where they have used the latest trends or the ones you want for your home.

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Final Words

These are some questions that you must ask painting contractors before hiring them for your project. However, these are not the only questions. You can ask whatever you have in your mind, such as the tools and equipment they use, the brand, and the quality of paint they use. Also, don't forget to ask for the overall price of the project and ask them to offer the price and terms in writing. Asking the questions in this post can help home and business owners to choose the right painting contractor for their project.





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  1. I agree that the safety of my belongings is very crucial when getting a paint job done in my home. I'm thinking about hiring residential painters soon in order to paint the walls of a spare room in my home. I plan to renovate it in or a home office so it's best for it to have vibrant colors that can be relaxing to my eyes.

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