A Look at Standby Generators and Commercial Generators for Sale

December 1, 2020

If you have ever had to wonder what a power generator is used for, then you probably reside in a place with dependable power supply. Generators over time have proven to be a reliable alternative to power supply for homeowners and business owners.

Power generating sets or units are basically machines that generate electrical energy by converting any form of energy. They were created mainly as support systems to avoid energy failures resulting from the inadequacy of systems of electricity.

Power generators exist in different forms and can suit whatever you need them for, just be sure to have the best. While you can get quality standby generators at Prima Powers, knowing the purpose you intend them to serve is very important. This is because each unit has the capacity to power appliances and equipment according to the horsepower.

This brief explanation contains important things that you need to know about power units as well as helpful tips to help you buy the best unit that suits your needs.

Standby Generators

Like the name sounds, the meaning is not farfetched. Have you ever been to any industry or firm before and there was a disruption in power supply, but the backup came up instantly? Now that’s an example of a standby generator. The standby unit supplies power when there is a disruption in power supply to any kind of facility whether business, commercial, or industrial.

Regardless of the kind of fuel they use, standby generators have the capacity to work for a long time if the engines are in good condition. However, the tank size of these units has proven to be a major limitation as it affects the operational hours. This notwithstanding, it is also a good option for those seeking for an alternative to conventional power supply.

One advantage of using standby generators is the fact that they are connected with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) which enables the unit to start in few seconds after a power outage. They can be used in places like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and small commercial institutions which use grid power.

Additionally, troubleshooting standby generators isn’t a difficult task as you can fix them with a DIY guide handy as you can see here: https://constructionreviewonline.com/2020/06/troubleshooting-most-common-generator-problems/.

Commercial GeneratorsC:\Users\dChimes MEDIA\Downloads\pe_generator.jpg

These are otherwise known as industrial generators. They are not like conventional residential or small commercial power units. Industrial units are huge and gigantic machines which supply power used in industries as power back up. They are usually a more customized type of generators. Commercial power units are of various kinds and operate with different fuel types. They can make use of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, natural gas and propane.

Power generating sets can be quite tricky to understand but you can be sure to do yourself some favor by outlining what you need them for. This will help you go for the unit that will best serve your needs.

Difference Between Standby Generators and Commercial Generators

  1. Standby power units only operate as backup power where the grid power is out. They are not constructed to act as a primary source of power - that is they cannot supply power constantly but rather for a while before the grid power is restored. Meanwhile commercial generators can operate continuously as a main source of power or act as a standby generator.
  2. Standby power units have limited fuel sources but for the commercial, there is a variety of fuels which can be used to run them depending on the type of engine.

Regardless of the power unit you are using, the goal is that they have the capacity to supply power in their various capacities.

There is a recurring question about how one can really find the best standby and commercial generators. Finding quality power units may seem quite tasking but the benefits cannot be overemphasized. Whether it’s a standby or commercial power unit, the process of finding the best still remains the same. You may need to check out this video to know common mistakes to avoid when buying a power unit.

Things to Know Before Buying Standby and Commercial Generators

The following are some tips to help you find the best power unit for your needs:


This sounds a bit unusual right? Well the truth is so many people would flush out this idea because it’s an ideal thing to do and they assume that everyone makes plans before buying power generating sets. It may be a bit surprising to find that some people only rush into buying generators at emergency situations which will leave them making a wrong purchase. It’s important to consider the reason you need a generator before deciding on how to go about the purchase.

Identify your Preference

This is dependent on how much power you may need. There are cogent questions you need to ask and some of them include: What appliances would this power generating set carry? Would you need it to cover a residential apartment, an office or industry? Finally, you need to check the power capacity to know which one fits your preference.

Needs and Usage

Is it a standby or commercial? Some may just be good for residential use while some others are mainly for industrial use. Choosing any type depends on the need. If you need a power backup then standby generators are ok. But if you really need a main source but you are not certain about the grid power supply, then a commercial power generating set is your best bet.


The grade of the power unit is very important. While some may want to go for new units, others may go for fairly used. Industries or commercial business owners may decide to go for pre-owned (fairly used) based on cost effectiveness


You can test run the power unit to check the performance. Make sure to check if the power generating set can handle the load you expect it to carry; can it carry appliances like refrigerator, air conditioners? Check out its portability as well. What kind of fuel does it make use of? You can consult a generator dealer to give you a clue of what to look out for in a power generating set when test running it.

Noise Level

You have to find out the decibel levels of the generator to know if the muffler is good enough, so you don’t end up buying a unit that will be producing a sound similar to a V8 engine. Your choice of power unit in this instance should be dependent on the location of usage. It is not proper to use a noisy power generating set in a residential neighborhood as it is likely to constitute a lot of noise pollution.

You can learn more about noise levels and how each level can affect humans here: https://www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov/parents/too-loud-too-long.

Find the Best Generator Supplier around You

After having the major areas of planning covered, you’ll need to proceed to looking for good generator suppliers. You can achieve this by checking out reputable dealers, online markets, recommendations from people and any other reliable mode of purchasing power units.

You can also consider the following:-

  1. What is the cost of purchase and installation?
  2. What is the running cost of buying fuel?
  3. How will you go about maintaining and repairing the power generating set?
  4. What will your method of storing your fuel be?
  5. How safe is the power unit?
  6. How do people rate the power unit brand?

These tips we outlined in this article are not exhaustive, you can still check out some more on the internet.


Regular power supply is invaluable and since conventional electricity is not guaranteed in every location all the time, it isn’t exactly out of place to have an alternative source of power supply.

Although buying a power unit might not be considered a big deal, some people may need help in knowing how to find the best unit that suits their needs. It is imperative to take out time to effectively make a choice that covers all areas of interest.

We have outlined some important details every intending power unit owner should consider and they will come in handy if you intend to have one anytime soon.

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