A Short Guide To Pairing Blinds And Curtains For Your home

December 10, 2020

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Creating the perfect look for your home or office space can be difficult if you aren’t into interior design, however, with a few simple steps you could be creating a look that is stylish and functional. Whether you are creating a stylish look to stage your home ahead of a sale or you want to add some sophistication to your home, there are some great ways to pair your blinds or curtains seamlessly for the perfect look.

1. Add a curtain and roller blind combination

If you want privacy that is stylish and allows plenty of natural light into a room, why not consider installing roller blinds combined with an elegant sheer curtain. Created to add softness to a room, the sheer curtain is floaty and the roller blind will block out sun and heat if you want to change the look and feel of the space. On top of this, the roller blind will help to increase your energy efficiency, trapping cool or warm air into the home depending on the time of the year.

2. Install a stylish Venetian and a curtain over the top

This is a great way to block out light, add some privacy, and increase the style of the room. Venetian blinds are very practical, yet add a level of comfort to a space thanks to their ability to block out heat and sun as needed. By adding the curtain, the look that is created is softer and provides the opportunity to have light without the need for blocking out all of the natural light to the room via the Venetians. There is a wide range of wonderful Venetian products on the market, ranging from aluminum Venetians to high-quality timber Venetians.

3. Add some shutters to your curtain combination

Shutters are another way to add some practical energy efficiency to a room that needs to be protected from glare or powerful sun. Shutters will protect the decor and allow for a range of options depending on the time of the day.

4. Sheers and roman blinds

Why not create a statement in your space with roman blinds and sheers? Designed to add options to the space, the blinds will help to let you block out light as the sun moves during the day and the sheers will be great for the evening or when trying to add some extra class to a room.

Final thoughts

Shutters, Venetians, and roller blinds can be easily paired with curtains to create a unique and stylish look that will enhance your space. Whether you are looking for a quick and affordable option for a rental property, or you are exploring options for a decor update, blinds and curtains can create the perfect look.

Local blind and curtain companies can provide a wide range of examples and bring samples to your home or office, allowing you to check out what suits your space and have a play with colors and textures.

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