Business in Crisis: Home Office Setup Guide

December 6, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic has put many businesses in a crisis that demands employees to work from home. More people have been working from home for the last eight months and facing challenges. Home basically lacks an actual office atmosphere since it’s not designed for working. In such conditions, keeping productivity and working efficiency at home could be challenging for most employees. Besides, people would extend working from home until the pandemic ends. At this point, there is a need to set up a proper home office setup that supports the state of mind and productivity during remote working.

There’s no exact theory about the setup as it actually crosses between functions and preferences. We’d draw a line of a home office setup you can consider below:

Preparing The Working Space

First of all, you’d need to prepare a fixed-dedicated space for your home office especially if you’d use it for a full-time working space. The main idea is to separate your working environment and home living environment. This separation is simply the basics of setting up a home base office. Instead of using your bedroom or a corner in your living room, it’s highly suggested to dedicate one room for your home office. It doesn’t have to be big but enough to accommodate your working set.

If you don’t have an extra room, then you can convert your living room, guest room, or other rooms as long as you can apply the separation. Keep it away or separated from the households and be disciplined on the line you’ve made when determining this home office space. Only this way, you can eliminate distractions and disturbance when working from your home to manage your working productivity and efficiency.

Setting Up Working Desk

If you have to invest in a working desk for your home office, you should ensure several factors. First, you need to consider the height that provides you with the best possible comfort in the seating position. Second, consider the size whether they fit well the space you’ve prepared and can accommodate your gears(monitor, keyboard, stationery, etc). Third, consider the built-in cabinet, keyboard drawer, and other features. Generally speaking, you want a working desk that can support your working mechanism just like when you’re at the office.

The working desk could have been the central piece of your home office setup as you’d spend most of the home working hours there.

Setting Up Computer/Laptop

Another core element of the home office setup is, of course, the computer. Either you relocate PC unit from office or use the existing one in your home, these are some factors you should take care of


When it comes to monitors, choosing, and setting the height of your monitor is very important. The monitor should accommodate the ideal distance and height that you feel comfortable with. If you have a smaller working desk that only allows a shorter distance between your eyes and the monitor, don’t use a screen more than 17”. Adjust the proportional height of the monitor towards your eyes and you can use/add adapters whenever you need one.


If you’re using a PC, it’s very important to invest in a UPS as a precaution against power loss. The UPS would prevent your computer from forcefully turning off as the electricity shut down so you can extend and save your work or at least do a proper PC shut down. UPS protects the computer and its components from damaging sudden power loss.

A Good Set of Keyboard and Mouse

We can’t suggest you more to have a good set of keyboard and mouse. These input gears would be your best pal when working from home so investing in quality products are very important. If you want to make it more compact and tidier, you may consider investing in a set of wireless keyboard and mouse so you can say goodbye to crossing cables on your working desks.


If you’re using a laptop, a stand would be helpful so you can adjust the proper height of the screen. Even though a laptop comes with a built-in keyboard and mouse, it’s highly advisable to invest in a separate set. As you’ve lifted your laptop with a stand, it would be difficult to use the touchpad and the laptop keyboard. A UPS wouldn’t be necessary if you use a laptop.

Air Conditioner

Most modern offices have wall air conditioner to keep the ideal temperature for the working environment. Since you dedicate a space for working, you need to ensure your air conditioner works properly for this space. An ideal temperature refers to the set up in the actual office to help you gain focus and experience the real working environment.

Setting Up Lighting

As you’d spend hours a day on this home office, you need to set up proper lighting to the set. You may consider investing in a desk lamp or adjustable clipped LED lamp to light your working desk properly. Even though yellow or warm-white lamps look inviting, the best lamp for working is actually the one with the plain white light. It’s safer and more comfortable for your eyes.

When it comes to lighting setup on your working desk, the key is to avoid glare as much as possible. Prevent glare from your screen by adjusting the light into the proper position that proportionally lights your working area but without creating glare. Not only the quality of the lamp you’re using but how you set them up does matter.

Choosing Proper Seating

The next fundamental element is, of course, the working chair for prolonged working hours from home. As you might have known, these chairs aren’t the same and in most cases, it doesn’t suit your back and height. When it comes to the home office, it’s righteous to fight for the best suitable chair that pairs well with your working desk. Wrong chairs can damage and injure you in the long run.

There are various office chairs in the market, but it’s highly advisable to choose the one with adjustment features. The premium office chair allows you to have a perfect fit and position that allows you to work for prolonged hours with no problems. Such office chairs start from $150 - $600 or even more expensive for luxury products. The key when choosing a home office chair is to try it by yourself whether they provide you with the functions and comforts.

Setting Up Internet Connection

Today’s home office can’t avoid the use of internet connection for emails, browsing, chatting, meeting conferences, and many more. A good internet connection is demanded to support home office operation. It’s highly suggested to use a high-speed fiber internet connection especially when meeting/video conferences are regularly held. Choose the provider that can provide high speed yet stable internet connection. If you’re working with a team, ensure that you have uniform bandwidth and provider whenever possible.

On the other hand, you should also properly set up your ethernet or wireless connection for your home office. When it comes to works that require high bandwidth especially those with videos or live streaming/conference. You can wire your PC to your internet router with an ethernet cable. If you prefer to go wireless, ensure that you get the full signal if it’s not, you may consider investing in a Wi-Fi repeater and/or receiver. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact One of the best Manhattan IT service to help you with the setup.


Since you’re at your own place, you can upgrade your home office setup to enhance your working experience. These are some upgrades you may consider for the home-based service

Smart Assistance

A smart assistance tool allows you to sync your devices including PC/laptop, smartphone, mobile devices, entertainment, and so forth. This assistance tool helps you to keep up with your working progress, tasks, appointments, agendas, goals, things-to-do list, meetings, and so forth. On the other hand, they can serve you with supporting tasks including answering or phone calls, quick browsing, turn on-off things, or simply switching songs from the playlist.


One of the home office advantages is that you can upgrade it with entertainment. However, it’s very important to keep it not excessive for your working space. It’s okay to have a high-quality sound system in your home base office where you can play music for work to boost your focus and productivity.


Last but not least, you may also arrange decoration elements that can help you create an office atmosphere or simply to boost your mood when working from home. There are various decorations you can choose from including plants, painting, figures, and so forth. Generally speaking, natural touch from houseplants would do a great job in creating a calming environment while clearing the air in your home working space. However, keep your decorations moderate and proportional so they don’t be distractions for working from home.

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